Oct 28, 2017

Best Way To Market Our World To Kids?


Greetings Friends,


One of the things that came up at our last team meeting is how should we market Our World to kids?


From my perspective simply saying:


"World of Warcraft meets MineCraft meets Pokemon Go evolved 20 years for the upliftment of humanity to save the world" would be enough! :)


But I am open to any other suggestions people may have...


Please submit your ideas here, we would love to hear from you!


Many thanks,


David Ellams BSc (Hons)

Founder & Managing Director

NextGen Software Ltd.

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    Greetings Friends, We would love to hear from you on what cool nextgen technology you feel would be a good fit for Our World? This could range from AR/VR/MR headsets to Haptic Feedback devices such as full body suits, gloves, etc. It can also include voice recognition, motion tracking, eye tracking, emotional reading tech, etc. We would love to hear from you so please get in touch on ourworld@nextgensoftware.co.uk or by posting below. Many thanks, The Our World Team.
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    Greetings Friends, Related to this post: https://www.ourworldthegame.com/single-post/2017/12/24/We-are-the-world---Which-theme-music-for-Our-World Which music would you vote for to be the theme music for Our World? :) As we keep saying this is a project for the community by the community. The entire world is the Our World team since we wish to empower the entire world to take responsibility for our beautiful planet... Many thanks, The Our World Team.


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