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AMA #2 Was A Big Success!

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that our second AMA was a great success! :)

Please check out the recording below:

We discussed many topics that included the latest progress on Our World MVP, OASIS API, HoloNET, STAR ODK, One World MVP & OASIS AI. We also discussed our upcoming IKO (Initial Karma Offering), Mutual Credit Currencies, Geolocation Holo NFT's, .NET Academy and more!

We also answered questions submitted for the AMA towards the end.

Our COO & Partner Max also re-did the presentation for a more concise format below:

We hope you can join the Our World Tribe below and get building on the OASIS API or contribute ideas, etc, every voice is heard and everyone in the world is the Our World team because we want everyone to take responsibility for our beautiful world and to feel part of this project and movement, it is a project for the people by the people where every voice is heard! :) If you or anyone have any ideas or feedback they would like to give or for anyone who wants to get involved (dev or non dev) then please get in touch here: Thank you!

OASIS API/HoloNET Hackalongs & Hackathons starting soon...

Please help support us by donating to our crowd funding page below:

You can also help support us by buying virtual land here:

A BIG thank you to everyone who came and we look forward to seeing you and many more at our next one, watch this space! :)


In Love, Light & Hope

The Our World Tribe



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