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Our World SEEDS Alliance Proposal

Greetings Friends,

We have submitted this SEEDS Alliance Proposal where voting for it will begin this new moon (15th Nov), we trust we can count on all of your votes to make sure it is accepted?

It would be GREATLY appreciated. This will provide Our World with 888,888 SEEDS in escrow to be paid out later when SEEDS goes LIVE sometime next year...

This will help provide the funding we need to hire much needed devs and other staff to help speed everything up! :)

SEEDS will be the primary currency within Our World & The OASIS API and so will be deeply integrated, it is also deeply integrated into the game mechanics itself such as:

"One of its many aims is to get kids out of their bedrooms and back into nature/parks doing quests (treasure hunts and other creative and team building activities). Such as creating sacred geometry in parks, doing group meditations/yoga, etc to earn additional karma points/seeds. We are developing the Our World smartphone prototype and a large part of the quests in the geo-location/AR game is to get people (especially kids) back into parks where they can find and plant SEEDS, they earn karma for this. They then need to tend to these SEEDS by watering them and nurturing them over time, again earning additional karma.

Our World will help people especially kids to develop their creativity, team building, communication & social skills. This would be particularly effective for kids on the autistic spectrum where they are especially challenged in this area. We are teaming up with our sister company Yoga4Autism to offer this game as part of their complimentary services.

We have a LOT more planned, this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have been designing/downloading this game since 2013!"

To vote on this proposal please goto the SEEDS website: and download their Global Passport DApp onto your phone and then goto the Co-Op section and look for the Our World proposal, you can then vote for it.

Thank you for your support, we LOVE YOU! :) <3

In Love, Light & Hope,

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