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David Ellams BSc(Hons)


Founder & Managing Director

Senior Developer


Lead Game Designer

Executive Visionary

David has been programming since the age of 8, when he got his first computer, the good old ZX Spectrum, ever since then he has been hooked to coding, especially games. As well as creating games, he has enjoyed playing them his whole life. He has vast experience in all things technical including coding websites, desktop software, back-end services, apps, game and much more as seen on his CV. He has a 1st class honors degree in Computing And Informatics and came top of his class. He has always had a passion for computing but later in life he realised the world really was not in a good way and wanted to use his skills to make a real difference so he created NextGen Software Ltd to create revolutionary cutting edge apps & games to help make the world a better place. Our World is his masterpiece and has been in the design stage for over 6 years but now the time is finally here to make his dream a reality...

He also created Yoga4Autism to help people with autism unleash their FULL potential so they can live happy fulfilling lives without any limitations as he now enjoys. He shares his story via public speaking at Autism shows, schools, care homes, etc

Please see the Power of Autism section above for more info on David.

Martin was born in Munich, but after 10 years he left Germany and lived another 8 years in Malta. He got interested in the digital world at a young age and started to learn programming at the age of 14. He experimented with many different programming languages including python, java, ruby, lua, javascript, haxe, dart and used various 2d game frameworks such as openfl, love2d, pixijs and haxeflixel. After  finishing his International Baccalaureate he spent some time traveling. In 2016 he met a group of people from a project called yunity. One of the main projects at yunity is to create a multi-sharing and saving platform. Since his encounter with people with yunity he has traveled with them and stayed in many different communities and explored possibilities for a permanent space to create communities. During this time he has continued to advance his skills in the digital world as well as the physical world. 

Martin Schiller



Alex Panteli 


Sales Manager / Game/App Designer

Alex is an experienced salesman and has been selling products and services his entire life (over 20 years). He is also a very keen gamer and has excellent game designing skills.

Eddie Miranimus


Creative Director


Eddie is another good friend of David's and like the rest of the dream team, he is super creative and brings a lot of gifts to the team. He is a professional writer and presenter too. He is also involved with Yoga4Autism.

Stephen Watts


Technical Director

Hardware Advisor

Stephen has been best friends with David since they were very young, he like David has always had a passion for computers, programming & gaming. He is also very good at the hardware side of things and has been playing around with electronics since an early age. He is an excellent sounding board for David and has been helping to design Our World and other NextGen apps. Together they make a good team bouncing advanced very far out ideas of each other, dreaming of the day when they could make them a reality, that time has now arrived.

Ben McEwan


IT Security

Ben is a pharmacist and cybersecurity expert.  He has been using and fixing computers since the age of 10.
He's really passionate about both helping David with this project and marketing. Ben is also an aspie (on the Autistic Spectrum) so is equally gifted with computers and technical subjects.

Ion T Veddinge


Networking Co-ordinator

Ion is our chief networking co-ordinator, he has many big connections in high places. He is a famous well known musician who performs in many places and is well known within spiritual circles and others. He is also a qualified life coach and presenter.

Elizabete Baptista


Strategy Advisor

Elizabete is a good friend of David's and is a qualified and professional coach/mentor, author, healer, sociologist and has 32 years of vast experience in the corporate world in the fields of Strategy & Organizational Development, Change & Transformation dynamics, Innovation and Communication, Leadership and Coaching.

David Akenhead


Crossword Consultant

David was the crossword editor for The Times & The Sunday Times and is now a crossword consultant for them as well as for us. His father Edmund invented the famous Jumbo Crosswords and owns the world’s largest digital archive of The Sun, The Times & The Sunday Times crosswords, which has been used with our world’s best crossword software.

Moses Mugga


Creative Writer/Editor/Game Designer

Moses is another good friend of David’s and is one of our creative writers/editors and will soon be writing for our upcoming newsletter. He is also another one of our very talented game designers.

Martin Asamoah-Danso


Educational/Youth Advisor

Martin is a school teacher and is consequently our education advisor providing invaluable advice on the educational system and the best way to reach the youth today.

Cary Andrew Southwell


Funding Co-ordinator

Cary is our funding co-ordinator and was really inspired by David’s vision and enthusiasm.

Paul Atkinson



Paul is our resident artist and is a very gifted cosmic artist.

Russell Pirie


Game Designer/Gaming Expert/ Map Designer

Russell like Stephen is one of David's old good school friends so have known each other for years, he is also a hardcore gamer and a very good game designer with a lot of very original and creative ideas. He is our gaming expert and from a lifetime of playing games around the clock is very well informed and knows the industry like the back of his hand.

Edwin Bones



PR Officer & Events Organiser

Edwin is a good friend of David's and has a natural talent at organising events, promotions and PR. He was very inspired hearing David's story and his vision for Our World and wanted to be part of it.

Benjamin Hedengran Andersen


Social Network Designer

Benjamin was connected to David through Ion and shared similar visions to his new social network and so they have joined forces to bring this next generation network to the people today.

Sam Parker


Fitness & Training Manager

Sam has just left the armed forces a hero after doing two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghan. He is also a fitness instructor and a very successful boxer. He is a very bright young man with a lot of ideas as is the case with the rest of the team above. He now wants to get into programming so he will be one of the first people to take the course. He also states that everyone in the army wants to now become a programmer too, so this is yet another golden opportunity. We will be creating an army of developers out of the army, our marketing pitch will be along the lines of "Put your guns down, pick up your keyboards and make peace, not war." Since remember all of our products are aimed at helping people and the environment making the world a better place for all. He also has good contacts both within the army and Help for Heroes, which will make maximum use of for marketing our developer training programme.

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