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As you all may already be aware I have been working on the .NET HDK for just over a year now and it started of as a Low Code Generator, which worked in a similar way to GO, in that it used C# and Rust templates to dynamically generate C# and Rust code.

This was built on top of HoloNET (the .NET and Unity Client I built back in 2019), so the C# code it generated had HoloNET integrated into it, which called into the dynamically generated rust code. This was all working fine and was about to release last Sept when RSM was announced so I decided to hold of. Unfortunately, it has taken nearly a year to get RSM working on Windows, so this is what has delayed me releasing the .NET HDK.

But the good news is this gave me time to refactor and improve the .NET HDK and also integrate it with the OASIS API so it is now de-coupled from Holochain and can generate dynamic native code for any OASIS Provider (currently supports Holochain, EOSIO, Telos, SEEDS, Ethereum, IPFS, Neo4j, MongoDB and SQLLite). It then evolved into the STAR ODK (OASIS Development Kit).

This allows users to debug their Holochain apps in C#, something they cannot do in Rust. It splits out the BLL (Business Logic Layer) into C# and the DAL (Data Access Layer) into Rust. It also allows you to build and publish your hApp using HoloNET (has the Holochain Conductor built in) so the user never needs to worry about the conductor or even touch any rust if they did not want to. Of course, people can customise the C# and Rust code that is generated as well as edit the templates it is built from (CRUD).

Also, the generated hApps have the conductor integrated, which is automatically started and stopped by HoloNET (one of its many powerful features) so they do not need to worry about shipping and configuring the Conductor separately.

STAR ODK can do a lot more on top of this, soon I will also be adding the ability for it to compile into WASM (Web Assembly) as well as run Holochain in a browser fully integrated with client side WASM so it will be full stack WASM running in a browser! :)

I have just got the Windows binary working after waiting patiently for 2 years so now that has unblocked me once again to release HoloNET RSM followed by STAR ODK/HDK hopefully not too far behind.

STAR ODK is modelled on the Omiverse itself so contains Multiverses, Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Moons, etc. The first OAPPs (OASIS Apps) created will be Moons orbiting the first planet (Our World) and this is the beginning of the OASIS Metaverse you see in Ready Player One... ;-)

Read more here:

You can for example have a Holochain Galaxy, EOSIO Galaxy, Ethereum Galaxy, etc where they all interoperate including cross-chain smart-contracts even within Holochain... this is the grand vision I have held for many years now and now it is all coming together... I hope to release STAR ODK within the new few months.

The OASIS API was released last Oct as a REST API:

So, it can already be used to build OAPP's with for devs. STAR ODK will open the doors for non-coders to also build OAPPs as well as bridge Holochain to every other network and the massive unity, c# and enterprise sectors. STAR can generate apps, websites, games, services, basically anything that has the templates created for.

We have just taken on 8 web devs to help finish the UI to the OASIS API here:

We have also just taken on 3 devs to help finish the Our World AR Geo-location prototype built on Holochain and the OASIS API. We also have taken on 3 C# devs to build out more of the OASIS Providers including ThreeFold, ActivityPub, COSMOS, Ultra, Solana and others… so lots happening, and things finally are speeding up now, yay! 😊

My mission is to integrate everything to everything to remove all silos once and for all, it is unity consciousness expressed within the technical sphere...

One of the main goals of the OASIS API is to help create bridges to Holochain from everything else allowing quicker and easier migration paths to Holochain… Also, once you have built your OAPP you never need to worry about upgrading to the latest version of Holochain or porting to yet another tech stack where you need to keep learning new languages, tools, etc. The OASIS will handle all this for you by continuously adding OASIS Providers to connect to everything else.

It also had auto-fail over so if one node on one network goes down it will automatically switch to the next fastest node in your area regardless of what network or platform it is running on. It also has auto-load balancing so you will always get the fastest speed possible utilising the power of ALL the networks (eventually the entire internet). It also has auto-replication, so your data is auto-replicated across networks for maximum fault tolerance. You also have full control of your data as well as owning your data so you control what is shared and where.

Finally, it gives a SSO across all the networks using the Avatar/Karma system so you no longer need to remember countless passwords, etc.

Read more here:

As you can see this has some overlap with GO, which is why I am keen to integrate GO with STAR ODK, can you imagine how powerful both would become then?! :) GO has more work done on building the web app UI’s along with relevant workflows and business logic so this will save me time not having to build that part as I had originally planned… this will free me up to focus more on the interoperability parts, which is my area of speciality.

I also hope to integrate CRISPR and anything else that can enhance the platform. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts... :)

The future is bright...

The future is Holochain... :)




Please join me… let’s save the world TOGETHER… Thank you.


Please also reach out to us on our Telegram group, we would love to hear from you fellow new SuperHero's! :)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon...

In the meantime, stay up to date on our Telegram groups:

Time to IGNITE... ;-)

In love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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