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Holochain Game Incubator Was Amazing & BIG UPDATE! :)

Greetings Friends,

It's soooooo good to be back after such a long gap from our last updates and posts, we have been very busy focused on building... lots of progress has been made so don't worry this project is very much still alive and kicking! ;-)

We have been wanting to give an update for a while so what better place to kick off our blogs again with the awesome Holochain Game Incubator we attended yesterday! :)

Check out this twitter post we made yesterday about the event:

We had a great time and loved re-connecting with the amazing Holochain Community, we missed you guys! :)

We also was honored to be given a space/table to present the latest progress on the Our World geo-location AR game we have been working on for a very long time now, which I am sure you are aware if you have been following our progress over the years! ;-)

A copy of the presentation we made can be found below:

As you can see we have made a LOT of progress and we are getting closer and closer to the MVP now...

We have soooooo much other exciting news to share with everything we have been working on... we will share more on this soon but for now we can give you a top level overview:

- Multiple HoloNET releases have been made (30) over the past 9 months. We released the latest version 2 days ago (v2.2.0):

- Related to this we now have over 82K downloads for HoloNET and Core OASIS Components! :)

There is another page too, please check out the rest here:

We are about to hit 9K for the non embedded version of HoloNET and we have over 6.5K downloads for the embedded version (comes integrated with the Holochain Conductors so HoloNET can auto-start and auto-shutdown the Holochain Conductors so you do not need to worry about them) so in total around 15.5K!

- We launched our new HoloNET Twitter account: and have over 144 followers and is growing rapidly.

- We launched our new HoloNET Telegram groups:

- We launched our new HoloNET website: (we will be making a lot more updated to this soon so please bare with us!) ;-)

- Our World MVP has come a long way as can be seen above. We will be sharing more news, screenshots, videos soon so watch this space! :)

- OASIS Web Portal has also come a long way and we will soon be ready to show and demo this along with a new OASIS API demo (now Holochain is nearly integrated).

- HoloOASIS Provider re-written from ground up to work with the new HoloNET releases partly as a use case for it but also to integrate Holochain to The OASIS.

- WEB 4 OASIS API and general OASIS Architecture has also been upgraded including OASIS Provider Interface improvements, this also includes a new OASIS Provider Template project (and a wiki page) as an example of how to implement a OASIS Provider. The documentation has also been improved making it quicker and easier for others to jump in and start building a provider so we can connect and integrate everything to everything else... we open the Open Source community will step up and take notice of us soon so we can help speed things up! ;-) thank you!

- WEB5 STAR ODK Omniverse Interoprable Metaverse Low Code Generator progress has also been made, we will soon be ready to demo this also.

- Many new partnerships (with some big players) and also new team members, lots of re-organising behind the scenes, more to be announced on these soon...

- Updated HoloNET documentation on the Github repo.

- Updated WEB4 OASIS API documentation on the Github repo.

- Updated Blog Pages on the main Our World site (this site).

- Plus lots more! ;-)

So as you can see we have been very busy and this project is still very much alive and hope you can now understand the radio silence for so long! ;-) Thank you for your continued love, support and patience, it is greatly appreciated! :) WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Stay tuned for upcoming HoloNET, WEB4 OASIS API, OASIS Web Portal, Our World MVP and WEB5 STAR ODK demos!

Soon you will all understand everything we have been working hard on for all these years, it's much easier to just build it and show then try to continue to explain them! ;-) This is also why there have been much fewer blog posts also. The documentation has been updated in places on our github repo but there are still parts really out of date now and the main Our World website is REALLY out of date, but rather than waste time updating these when people still don't understand or get what we are building we thought it better to just focus on building so we can just show you all and then the world will finally understand! ;-) That's the issue being so far ahead of our time and blazing a path for others to follow, no-one has a clue what we are building because there is no reference point to it or anything to compare it to... but soon you will understand! ;-) Then the world will never be the same again...


In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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