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2020 Review & 2021 Plans

Greetings Friends,

A very HAPPY New Year from the Our World Tribe! :)

We have a very strong feeling that this year is going to be a LOT better than the last, it can't get much worst can it right?! ;-)

On Dec 21st 2020 we entered the Golden Age/Age Of Aquarius so this is promising indeed. It is also known as the Age Of Enlightenment so things will slowly get better now... :)

As mentioned on our Merry Christmas blog post below, we are pleased to now be focusing on building the STAR .NET HDK/ODK again! :) This started of as a .NET HDK allowing people to more easily build Holochain HApps in .NET or Unity, following on from the HoloNET we created in 2019:

This was a word first allowing .NET and Unity clients/apps to connect to Holochain. HoloNET is a .NET/Unity client for Holochain.

We then started building on this in August by building a templating engine that dynamically generates the low-level rust code and the c# code that runs on top of this through HoloNET. This would make it much easier to create hApps and also allow for debugging, something that is not allowed with rust. The rust code is the DAL (Data Access Layer) and the C# code is the BLL (Business Logic Layer). This allows developers to focus on their business logic and to be able to prototype and build much faster! :)

Later versions will also allow C# to generate the WASM/Web Assembly code directly that runs in the Holochain conductor.

Read more here:

The past year, we also released the fist altha of the OASIS API:

Read more here:

Not long after this we did a tech deep dive and demo of the OASIS API:

The Unity Smartphone Prototype also made a lot of progress with park geo-location API's being integrated as well as upgrading it to the latest Unity (2020) and the latest SDKs/APIs it uses, which will give big performance gains, bug fixes and new features... so we now have a very good base to rapidly build this out this year... we are confident we can finally find the unity developers and funding this project really deserves! :)

Ethereum, MongoDB, EOSIO & SQLLite Providers were also added to the OASIS API so these plug Holochain can now talk to each other, read more here:

We are currently in talks with ThreeFold, Core.Network, HoloWeb & SEEDS so these will also soon be fully integrated.

We will also be integrating IPFS, SOLID, ActivtyPub, Elrond, BlockStack and many more this year, so it will be very exciting where things go... :)

We hope to have a prototype of the Unity Smartphone Geolocation/AR version this year, which will be fully integrated with the OASIS API and so will act as the UI to this. We have already half developed the Web UI to the OASIS API, which will also be launched in Q1 this year along with the ALTHA of the .NET HDK/ODK.

This year just gone we also joined the Open World Alliance, Great Works Alliance & GaiaNet. Plus we have partnered with HoloWeb, B.E.B, Hytha/SEEDS and many more. We have also been in deep talks with many co-creators sharing similar missions/goals and looking at ways we can synergise and integrate.

We have also done over 7 interviews, multiple group calls and presented Our World/OASIS API (with slides) to the Awaken Dream Synergy group:

We also did our first very successful AMA:

The website has also been upgraded and updated, plus many more coming soon!

We also launch Anoraks Almanac (The Making Of The OASIS) video series:

As mentioned in the Merry Christmas post, we also spent half of the year working flat out building the B.E.B prototype, which is a revolutionary Workflow/Smart Contract Management System built on top of the OASIS API for the construction industry. This is an excellent use case for the OASIS API within the business sector.

We hope once we finally get funding hopefully this year (we were due to get investment last year but because of the crazy COVID situation this has delayed things), that we can show this to the world, so you can see where half of the years top effort went! :)

We actually spent more time and energy on this than anything else because we pushed ourselves to get it done faster so we had less energy for everything else, but now looking back we are still very happy and proud to see all we accomplished this past year, yay! :)

Finally, we also launched The Justice League Academy Superhero Training Platform:

This is where we will find the superhero coders we need! :) This is FREE training for EVERYONE regardless of background, skills, experience, etc. It is especially for the disadvantaged people the world has forgotten such as the homeless, unemployed, kids on the streets, disabled, drug addicts, prison inmates, etc We believe everyone has a gift for the world and we want to help find YOURS! We BELEIVE in YOU! :)

Summary For Our World (as of 1st Jan 2021):

137 blog posts over 4 years.

249,947 lines of code.

435 Commits to GitHub.

6 Websites.

130 Twitter followers.

5,253 Facebook likes.

227 Telegram members.

30 Discord members.

33 Subscribers to YouTube Channel.

41 Videos.

7 Interviews.

We expect these stats to sky rocket this year as Our World finally lands and goes mainstream! :)

So as you can see LOTS of progress has been made this past year, most likely the biggest forward momentum this project has taken in fact! We have lots of exciting things to look forward to this year from the Our World Tribe, this is the year it all comes together folks! ;-)

So as you can see lots to stay positive and happy about this year, yay!

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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