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David Ellams (Founder of Our World) Presents to AWAKEN DREAM SYNERGY

Greetings Friends,

Please check out a recent presentation our founder, David Ellams has done to the amazing Awaken Dream Synergy group:

If you are short on time then you can watch the shorter version below, which includes the presentation only:

This was a last min thing when someone else dropped out so he was asked to present with 20 mins to prepare. He presented an old presentation created over two years ago, which is a little out of date, and is also the first time he ever presented it, so that coupled with his label of autism and communication skill challenges that come with it, all in all he did pretty well! :)

He got a lot of very positive feedback after so look's like it went down well... :)

He hope's to do a lot more in the near future...

Stay tuned...

In Love, Light & Hope,

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