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Interview With Holochain Commercial Director David Atkinson

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce two recent interviews our founder David Ellams did with Holochain's Commercial Director David Atkinson:

Part 1 can be found below. In this interview David Ellams talks about Our World, the OASIS API, .NET HDK (Holochain Developer Kit) & demos the OASIS API.

Part 2 can be found below. Includes David Ellams friend and colleague Lumi. David talks more about the OASIS API and does a tech deep dive showing the code for it along with the .NET HDK:

Part 3 will be out in the new year and this is the final version that will be published by Holochain...

You can view more about the OASIS API with this post below:

And more about the .NET HDK and HoloNET RSM:

You can view the LIVE OASIS API below:

Stay tuned...

In Love, Light & Hope,

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