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Our World / OASIS API / HoloNET Goes Open Source! :)

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure in announcing that Our World/OASIS API/HoloNET have gone Open Source and can be found on our GitHub Repo below:

This contains detailed technical documentation for:

HoloNET - The Holochain .NET Client.

HoloOASIS - Uses HoloNET to implement and interface with the OASIS API.

OASIS API - Where the central avatar/profile is stored and managed along with the karma system that satellite apps/games can access. It is also the universal API to connect everything to everything for the new new Web 3.0 (The Spatial Web). It will allow Blockchain (to begin with will support Ethereum with others to follow later), Holochain, IPFS, SOLID, ActivityPub, Fedaverse, Mastodon, Diaspora, WebFinger & XMPP & much more to all talk to each other! No more walled gardens or silos! Plus, what's more, it will allow your profile/karma to be shared among them all including your karma. This will allow many more OApps (OASIS Apps) to be written for many platforms/networks including existing legacy apps/games/websites. It will act as the bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. We will write a future blog going into more detail soon...

HoloUnity - Uses HoloNET, HoloOASIS & The OASIS API to connect Holochain & the OASIS API to Unity. This is what powers Our World.

A LOT of work has gone into this documentation so please do check it out, we would love to hear your feedback, thank you! :)

Please bare in mind it is still a WIP so make sure to check back often as we continue to evolve it and fully document everything we have been working on. Soon we will be releasing the full API documentation. We are really pleased with this project finally taking shape with something solid to show after all the hard work that has gone into this over the years! :)

We are taking a bold step forward and a giant leap of faith by going Open Source. We hope by gifting forward HoloNET to the Holochain community it will help attract the devs & resources we need...

If you are a dev and like what you see, we would LOVE to hear from you! :)

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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