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OASIS API Demo 1 Session - Overview & Avatar & Karma API

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce the first demo of the new OASIS API Demo Series was a BIG SUCCESS! :)

The first of the new OASIS API Demo Series. Further sessions to come are:

- Data API.

- Provider API (includes auto-load balance/auto-fail over & auto-replication)


- Key/Wallet API.

- Cross-chain NFT/Token API.

- Tech DeepDive.

- OASIS Web UI/Portal.

- General Q&A (AMA).

This list is subject to change and additional videos may be added. We expect these videos to be released within the coming weeks along with additional documentation, diagrams, etc to make on-board onto the API as easy as possible. We will also soon also create Quick Start Tutorials for rapid on-boarding as well as OASIS Dev Camps where we will build real world apps on the OASIS API so lots of exciting things coming! :)

This one gives a brief overview and demos the Avatar & Karma API. There is then a detailed discussion after about more of the project and a sneak preview of the upcoming OASIS Web Portal/Generic UI Components (soon to be released and demoed).

This was only meant to be a short video and why the demo has been split over multiple sessions/modules, but we wanted to give people a chance to engage and ask questions, etc and why it went on so long! ;-)

But after feedback we have now decided it is better for future videos to be short pre-recorded demos of the API (also helps keep it focused without interruptions, etc). We will then have the Q&A/AMA group call once all the pre-recorded videos/demos have been released to discuss and ask any questions, etc where we may then demo/show other stuff depending on what the community are asking for...

We hope you agree this is a better format and will help people better understand the API.

As always, feedback appreciated, thank you tribe.

We have created a number of versions to separate the different parts into smaller videos (Overview, Avatar/Karma API Demo & Discussion):

Full Video showing the Overview, Avatar/Karma API Demo & Discussion:

Overview & Avatar/Karma API Demo:


Avatar/Karma API Demo:

In Love Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.


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