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Want to make history? Want to help build WEB 4 and WEB 5? Want to see what the future holds?

Want to build what comes after metaverse? The Omniverse, the digital twin and simulation of life...

Want to see what comes after XR? IR (Infinite Reality) where the boundary between virtual and reality blurs into one...

Want to build a digital twin of the world on a ambitious AR Geolocation unity game designed to help get people back into nature and become more healthy?

Want to build a revolutionary MMORPG game in unreal engine 5 using real time biofeedback and emotional tracking?

Want to work on a project that will help heal people, animals, the environment and help create a better world where we can all live in harmony?

Want to be a hero?

Then we want to hear from you!

Looking for C#, Unity, Unreal 5 and react devs to help finish off the prototypes, we can pay in tokens and virtual land NFT's. Fiat also possible. These are set to explode in value later this year after our upcoming ICO...

We are looking to build a tribe of developers (mostly .NET & Unity) to help build a game we have been in the process of creating. The game is called Our World. It is built on top of the OASIS API, which we have been building and developing over the past two years (the game and API have been in design, planning & R&D phase for over seven years). The OASIS API seeks to connect anything to everything within the realms of current possibilities (including EOSIO, Ethereum, Holochain, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS, Telos, SEEDS, ThreeFold & many more!) . The OASIS is built on top of the new distributed decentralised internet (Holochain) and .NET architecture.

The satellite apps/games/websites all share the central avatar and can contribute towards you earning karma in the main game, unlocking special abilities and superpowers such as being able to fly, teleport, telekinesis, etc.

Our World is an exciting immersive next generation 3D XR/IR (Infinite Reality) educational game/platform/social network/ecosystem teaching people on how to look after themselves, each other and the planet using the latest cutting-edge technology. It teaches people the importance of real-life face to face connections with human beings and encourages them to get out into nature using Augmented Reality similar to Pokémon Go but on a much more evolved scale. This is our flagship product and is our top priority due to the massive positive impact it will make upon the world...

SEEDS is deeply integrated into the game, incluing the Karma System...

View more info here:

Now is the perfect time to join the tribe... to get in on the ground floor of one of the most ambitious and exciting tech projects the world has seen... ;-)

Want to make a difference in the world? What will be your legacy? Ready to be a hero?

Then come join the Our World Tribe:

We are also looking for help in other area so please come and join the party! Will be good to see you all there... :)

View full job spec here:

View more info here:

We are also looking to take on perm staff for the right people... (please quote your monthly rate)



We need some c# devs to help finish off some OASIS API Providers including ActivtyPub, ThreeFold, Tron, Azure COSMOS DB, Polygon, COSMOS Blockchain, Ultra, Polkadot, Hyperverse, Blockstack & many more!

We are offering these as paid bounties.

Please quote how much for each provider as well as total cost (if you wish to take on multiple providers).



We are looking to build a tribe of developers (mostly Unity & .NET) to help finish a MVP Geolocation XR game we have been in the process of creating. The game is called Our World.

Unreal skills would also be advantageous because we are just starting to work on the MMORPG Unreal (VR) version called One World.



We are looking for web developers with strong React, HTML, CSS & Javascript experience. Angular & Vuez experience would also be advantageous to help build out our OASIS Web UI Components.


Please reach out to us here if interested or if you know anyone who may be... thanks. 🙏

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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