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Greetings Friends,

You may be wondering why such a long break from updates on here?

Well, we have been very super busy working flat out on the STAR ODK/HDK (which evolved from the initial .NET HDK Low Code Generator Prototype built last August).

This dynamically generates rust and c# code from meta data/model. It allows devs to focus on the main business logic in C# rather than having to worry about the low level Rust code for storage/network, etc. It also allows you to debug your app, something that cannot be done in Rust. It is a templating engine so any of the C# or Rust Templates can also be customised to support your needs... Also, it gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to use either .NET or Rust libraries.

We were about to release this last September when Holochain threw us a curve ball by announcing the new RSM version. Unfortunately HoloNET (which the .NET HDK is built on top of) no longer works with RSM. We upgraded it to support this including the new MessagePack support, etc but we have had a LOT of issues getting this working and sadly we did not get very much support from Holochain or the community (but a BIG thank you to the few who did help a little! :) ) so this basically has slowed everything right down.

We are not complaining, we understand everyone is busy and have different priorities, etc but we hope soon people will realise this needs to be a much higher priority and deserves a LOT more support and attention than it has been getting... especially once they realise what we are truly building and how it will turbo charge the holochain ecosystem by bringing the flood of devs/resources etc from the massive .net, unity and enterprise sectors... ;-)

We wish we had just released this last Sept and then could have followed up with the the RSM version but the good thing that has come out of this is that it has now massively evolved way beyond what it was last year. It has now evolved into the OASIS Development Kit so is sooooooooo much more than just a .NET HDK for Holochain. Due to it being re-written so it is no longer tightly coupled to Holochain, it can now generate code for any of the OASIS Providers (current support is Holochain, EOSIO, Ethereum, MongoDB, Neo4j, IPFS & SQLLite). Many more are coming soon such as ThreeFold, SOLID, COMOS, Ultra, ActivityPub & many more...

The STAR ODK, the heart of the OASIS can even compile OAPP's to native code for each platform, provider, network, etc. For example, for Holochain Provider it dynamically generates the low-level Rust code, which acts as the DAL (Data Access Layer). It also dynamically generates the C# code that runs on top of it abstracting away the lower-level complexities and this acts as the BLL (Business Logic Layer). The possibilities are endless, time to unleash YOUR full potential!

STAR stands for Synergiser Transformer/Translator Aggregator Resolver.

Synergiser - This is because it synergises all of what is out there including all tech, the entire worlds content, models of the Universe, us, creation, etc.

Transformer/Translator - Due to it transforming and translating the data between different OASIS Providers and into one unified language (COSMIC ORM), which is how you talk to STAR.

Aggregator - Due to it aggerating all the data together and into one unified model of all and into one unified language (COSMIC ORM).

Resolver - This is because it resolves all of the data one one format to another as well as into the one unified language (COSMIC ORM),

As part of this we have been building it's very own ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

system as an abstraction layer over all the OASIS Providers (whole Internet eventually). This ORM is called COSMIC (Computer Object-Orientated Super-Synergistic Machine Interface Code). It supports the same features as many popular ORM's such as change-management, version control, change tracking, etc.

What makes it pretty cool and unique (other than all the other exciting features above) is that is is modelled on Life! The root object is the Omiverse, this contains multiple multiverses, each of these contains dimensions. the 3rd dimension contains parallel Universes. Each Universe contains Galaxies, SloarSystems, Stars, SuperStars, GrandSuperStars, GreatGrandSuperStar, Planets, Moons, Stargates, Wormholes, Blackholes, Nebulas, Portals, Comets, Meteoroid's, Asteroids, Cosmic Rays, Galactic Waves, Cosmic Waves, Gravitational Waves, SpaceTime Distortion's, Temporal Rift's, Stardust, SpaceTime Abnormalities etc. The first Planet created is Our World and it's moons are the satellite apps/games/websites (OAPP's) that plug into it sharing the central avatar/karma system. Each celestial body (moon, planet, star, etc) are also OAPP's (OASIS Applications).

Stars, SuperStars, GrandSuperStars & the GreatGrandSuperStar create the contents of all of the OASIS Omiverse/Magicverse. They can also be used to jump around/navigate the Omierse through Multiverses/Universes, Galaxies, Dimensions, etc.

Stars - Can be at the centre of a Solar System (or without any Planets or Moons). Can create moons & planets within it's SolarSystem,

SuperStars - At the centre of a Galaxy. Can create SolarSytems, Stars, Planets & Moons within it's Galaxy. SuperStars are also used to jump from one Galaxy to another or to different dimensions within it's Universe.

GrandSuperStar - At the centre of each Multiverse/Universe. Can create Galaxies, SuperStars, Stars, Planets & Moons within it's Universe. GrandSuperStars are also used to jump from one Multiverse/Universe to another but may only access dimensions 1-7.

GreatGrandSuperStar - There is ever only one of these in the OASIS and is at the centre of the Omiverse. This can create Multiverses (containing Universes), Galaxies, GrandSuperStars, SuperStars, Stars, Planets & Moons within it's Universe. The GreatGrandSuperStar can also be used to jump from one Multiverse/Universe anywhere within the Omiverse including all higher dimensions (8 - 12).

ONODE's can host any of the various Star types above depending on how much processing power/network bandwidth, etc each Node has. A OASIS ONODE can be running any number of OASIS Providers.

This is what forms the STAR NET, and this is what powers the HoloNET/ONET (OASIS Network).

You of course earn karma for hosing and the more you host and the bigger Star you are, the more karma you will be rewarded as well as SEEDS and HoloFuel.

To begin with users Avatars can only create Moons, but as they level up and earn more karma they can create their own planets and eventually Stars, Galaxies and even entire Universes! Yes, this really is the beginning of the TRUE OASIS! ;-) This is like a God training programme! :)

Most of the back-end/ontology/object model has now been built, we just have a few more features to add, then lots of testing, bug fixing. Then we will be finishing of the Web Assembly templates/prototypes started last year (full stack Web Assembly). STAR can generate code for any target platform/use case such as website, game, app, service, etc.

You no longer need to keep learning new stacks, API's, languages, the OASIS API/STAR/COSMIC abstracts all of this away for you. You just need to write your OAPP once and it will be future prove, for ever! :) No more need to get porting to newer versions of Holochain or any other stack! :) As new tech emerges a new OASIS Provider can be added, which will automatically take advantage of it. The OASIS gives you the best of all the tech out there through a very powerful yet simple to use intuitive API/SDK abstracting away all the lower stack complexities. It also allows you to dig deeper into the lower stacks if you are a power user.

We have also built an advanced STAR CLI with its own powerful sub-engine. So as you can see we have been VERY busy and hence the radio silence! ;-)

In the past few months we have written over 100K lines of code! ;-)

The OASIS is really starting to take shape now, but much as with NextGen tech it is taking a LOT longer than originally anticipated, as I am sure Holochain know how that feels too! ;-) It's not easy being ahead of the curve going where no man has gone before blazing a path for others to follow! There isn't really much resources you can call on for help because there is nothing else out there like it! ;-)

We started off building the digital twin of you (the Avatar Karma System back in 2019) along with the digital twin of our planet called Our World (we started doing R&D, research, designing, prototyping back in 2011). It then expanded into the digital twin of our Solar System when STAR was born last year on Lions Gate (8th Aug). Since then it has continued to expand and what we are now building is the digital twin for all of creation, no small task! ;-)

We were deeply inspired by Holochain & Noomap/Holomap/HoloWeb modelling nature so we have taken this to the next level. Each OAPP still contains Zomes (modules), the data objects used are Holons and EVERY single object in the OASIS inherits from a base Holon object. What we are now building with STAR is like the Holochain/HoloWeb/,NET HDK/OASIS love child! :)

It is very hard to put into words what we are building but I hope this gives you a bit more of an idea... ;-)

You may recall in Ready Player One, that the OASIS is a "SIMULATION", it is not just another VR game/platform... well that is what we are building, a SIMILATION, it mimics all of creation from the macrocosm right down to the microcosm. The Omiverse is inside us all so yes you can access the Omiverse from within each of your Avatars... we are merging and unifying all current earth science along with spiritual/galactic information/downloads and beyond... ;-)

We truly are creating the most accurate Unified Model there is of all there is....

We are building the architecture/platform to allow everything to integrate and play with everything else... completely removing all silos once and for all... you could have a Holochain Galaxy, a EOSIO Galaxy, etc or even entire Universes (depending on the size of the ecosystems). The OASIS has been built from the ground up with MAXIMUM inter-operability in mind with EVERYTHING, so it is not something that has been crowbarred in as a after thought. It is outside of all existing blockchain/tech understandings and concepts, it has been designed from the outside looking in using a new novel/intuitive way, which others may not have seen being on the inside...

So yes as you can see it has grown way beyond the .NET HDK now! ;-) And hence the delays...

We hope the HoloNET RSM issues can be resolved by the time we release the first ALTHA later this year, if not it will still work with the previous version of Holochain (Redux). It supports both and can be easily switched in a config file and will also contain both Redux and RSM templates that can be customised.

UPDATE: We have just bene informed by a dev within the Holochain community that Windows support has now been added again (unofficially at the moment)! Yay! This we hope can finally unblock HoloNET RSM and the .NET HDK/STAR ODK... :)

Soon you will also have a very powerful intuitive UI allowing anyone to build an OAPP through a simple intuitive to use drag n drop interface plugging together the various components you need allowing you to focus on your ideas rather than on how to implement them. This will lower the barrier to entry for non-technical people, the perfect low-code solution!

Our World also acts as the UI to the STAR/OASIS API allowing the various OAPP’s to have a 3D object/2D sprite representation on the 3D map of the world. They can then view meta data about the app as well as launch the app from within Our World (phase 1 of The OASIS you see in Ready Player One).Through the OASIS API people have a full geo-location API allowing them to fully control the 3D map, add quests, routes, sub-games, AR hotspots, and so much more. One possible use case would be Smart Cities amongst many more.

There is soooooo much more we would love to share but I think that is enough for now! ;-)

Oh, and on top of all this we have been onboarding new devs and other team members. We now have a Web UI team working on the OASIS API Web UI here: Currently this only supports desktop, soon the mobile version will also be released. The OASIS API ( was released last Oct allowing people to create Avatars and use the SSO and Karma system in their apps/games/websites. It also has a Data API allowing you to persist data across any of the OASIS Providers. Auto-failover (so if say a Holochain node goes down in your area it can find the next fastest one or find one on any other network/provider), Auto-Replication and Auto-loadbalancing (across all OASIS Providers) are all also supported. It will automatically find the fastest node to use in a person’s local area, regardless of what network/platform it is on. This will give the FASTEST possible performance! Plus, if any of the networks went down such as Telos/EOSIO then it will automatically switch to the next fastest one in that user’s local area. With unity consciousness the possibilities are limitless!

Also, just like a team of people, different tech has various strengths and weaknesses, by integrating them together so they work as one unified co-ordinated team, you eliminate all weaknesses and then have the best of all worlds, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

It will also allow for a SSO (Single Sign On) across all apps/websites/services/games across all devices and platforms for your OASIS Avatar where you have FULL control of ALL of your data right down to the individual field level and whether each field is Replicated/Shared (ReadOnly) or Shared (ReadWrite). You no longer need to remember multiple login details, you can have just one login (avatar), that follows you everywhere and you have FULL control of. You choose where your data is stored and who has access to it.

SEEDS API was also integrated a few months ago allowing people to pay with seeds and earn karma for doing so, they can also invite people to join seeds and also earn karma.

The Avatar contains all of your wallets/keys in one place which is fully de-centralised/distributed. You have full control of your data.

The work the Web UI team is doing is to finish the UI to all of these powerful features.

STAR ODK is built on top of all these powerful features and goes way beyond them, it is very exciting what we are building and is truly ground-breaking, and we cannot wait to share it with the world soon...

We are also currently on-boarding devs to work on the Our World AR geo-location prototype, which will also be deeply integrated with all of the above and will be the first example of a game built on top of the OASIS API/STAR ODK/COSMIC.

Just like with Holochain, we have multiple prototypes and complex components that all need to work with each other so it has taken a lot of work but slowly but surely they are starting to take shape now...

Oh, and we have also just released our NFT Store allowing you to buy virtual land for Our World (OLAND), soon we will allow other assets for Our World & The OASIS to be purchased such as items for your avatar, etc. Please share this with all your friends and family, this is how we are currently funding our development so would be really appreciated thanks! :)

We will make an official announcement on the NFT Store in our next post...

Other ways you can help is by donating to our crowd funding page: Any amount would be really appreciated thanks.

You could also share this post and the news far and wide, and build the Our World Tribe, if you bring a lot of people to our social media accounts such as Telegram, Discord, Facebook or Twitter you will earn more karma with the more people you bring with you... :)

If anyone would like to help build any of this we would LOVE to hear from you, thank you! :)

Please contact at us on our Telegram group here:

If you have no experience but would still love to help and are keen to learn then we offer FREE (donations very welcome) training to help build what we need with NextGen tech, so a very exciting golden opportunity open to all regardless of background or experience, all are welcome to help build a better world! :) You can enrol on our superhero training programme entitled The Justice League Academy. Find out more here:

Finally, we also need your help to populate the OASIS Simulation, soon we will open up STAR ODK to a closed ALPTHA group, where we can start testing and populating The OASIS. You will also get first access to STAR ODK and can start building the world's first OAPP's (OASIS Apps/Moons) please reach out to us in the main Telegram group if you would like to sign up for this! Thanks :)




Please join me… let’s save the world TOGETHER… Thank you.


Please also reach out to us on our Telegram group, we would love to hear from you fellow new SuperHero's! :)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon...

In the meantime, stay up to date on our Telegram groups:

Time to IGNITE... ;-)

In love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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