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OASIS API Demo & Hackalongs Start June 21st!

Greetings Friends,

As announced at the bottom of our previous post, the long awaited OASIS API Demos & Hackalongs begin June 21st!

We are very happy to announce we will finally kick off the OASIS API Hackalongs and Demos on June 21st with a different module/theme being demoed/explored each week:

June 21st - Avatar/Karma SSO API.

June 28th - Data API.

July 5th - Provider API.

July 12th - Key/Wallet API.

July 19th - Tech DeepDive.

July 26th - OASIS Web UI/Portal.

Aug 2nd - General Q&A (AMA).

More to come soon...

The above is subject to change depending on circumstances etc.

These will be held at 1pm EST and will last around an hour, but may run a little longer depending on questions, etc. We will demo each new module and then take questions at the end. Please check the main telegram group: for latest updates as well as a link to the zoom call to join. Thank you. We originally was going to demo everything in one session but the OASIS has grown so large it would take a very long time so we thought it best to break it into modules/sessions to make it more manageable! ;-)

Please reach out to us on the above group and this one: to let us know if you will be attending and for what sessions, thank you.

Exciting times.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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