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Solana Superteam UK Now Backing Us & Latest Update!

Greetings Friends,

We come bringing many great blessings and good news for the year ahead, let's find out what they are... ;-)

AR/Our World (Geo-location AR Game/Platform)

Lots of progress being made... we are working on many new sites currently, and the first of which (AR World) is about to go live soon... the business side of Our World (AR World Engine) is what powers Our World and the WEB4 OASIS API powers AR World. We are currently signing up businesses and brands who want to build on our platform/engine.

This allows them to add quests, Geo-cache NFT's, AR Hotspots, treasure hunts and so much more to help increase awareness of their brand/business and drive better engagement etc.

If you are interested on building on AR/Our World we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us on our Telegram or Discord!

We are offering special offers and discounts to early adopters so don't miss out!

New Solana Superteam UK Backing/Partnership

AR/Our World has come a long way and we now have the backing and are a member of Solana Superteam UK. As part of this we have received a grant and mentoring support as well as networking opportunities.

We are also attending their weekly co-working spaces with SuperTeam UK in London and making many great connections and opportunities! :)

We will also soon have the backing and support of Holochain with many more to follow...

The Global Healing Network

We are also working on the Global Healing Network (GHN) built on the OASIS API as well as a OASIS NFT Store. The GHN brings together all of the worlds healers & practitioners as well as a deep KB on how you can heal yourself and others. It allows people to find the healing they need as well as request for a Love Beam session to be used to help heal people, animals, nature or even to bring peace to the world by stopping wars etc all through the power of intention/pray/healing, we are all so much more powerful than we are lead to believe and when we come together through shared group intention we are unstoppable! ;-) This site/app will show just how powerful we all are!

Many more sites/apps/games will be coming to the OASIS ecosystem soon...

If you are interested in building on the OASIS we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us on our Telegram or Discord!

We are offering special offers and discounts to early adopters so don't miss out!

Read more here:


WEB4 OASIS API has also continued to evolve and now supports two new powerful API's, the cross chain NFT API and the cross-chain Geo-NFT API which powers AR World/Our World.

The WEB4 OASIS API brings interoperability to all of #web2 and #web3 and sooooo much more! It offers the SSO Avatar API, Karma API, Data API, Provider API, Wallets API, Keys API, NFT API, GeoNFT API, SEEDS API and much more! All of these are cross chain and beyond. The OASIS API also offers auto fail over, all load balancing and auto replication across all supported providers. This is part of what we call The OASIS Hyperdrive and is a new kind of decentralized distributed self -replicating auto-redundancy drive that spans across everything including all of web2, web3 & beyond!

Providers can be for all of web2, web3 or anything that reads and writes data! So far it supports #holochain, #ipfs, #threefold, #EOS, #Ethereum, #Solana, #mongodb, #sqllite, #neo4j, #azure and soon more such as #activitypub, #solid, #cosmos, #Polkadot and many more!

If you are interested in writing a provider then check out this guide here:

We would REALLY appreciate your help, thank you! The more things that are connected to The OASIS, the more exponentially powerful it becomes!

The OASIS API is an abstraction layer over all of the internet, a network of networks bringing a powerful fully integrated and unified API over all of the world's aggregated data. It is also part of MaaS (Metaverse as a Service) enabling the next generation of open decentralized interoperable metaverses to be built forming part of the OASIS Omniverse.

Check out the WEB4 OASIS API here:

Read more about our vision and work in WEB4 and WEB5 here:

We are also updating the existing OASIS site and will announce that soon along with our other new site launches...


As part of the new NFT/Geo-NFT API's for the WEB4 OASIS API. we are also working on a cross chain OASIS NFT/App/Asset Store supporting Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, EOS & Holochain with many more to follow soon...

OASIS Web Portal

The OASIS Web Portal also continues to evolve, this is the web portal to The OASIS and allows you to create and manage your avatar, view where and how you earnt your karma, manage the OAPPs you have installed, manage the OASIS Providers/ONODEs you wish to connect to, manage your data and where and how it is stored across the various OASIS Providers and ONET (OASIS Network) and so much more!

We hope to share more news on this soon...

HoloNET Client v3.0.0

HoloNET v3.0.0 is about to be released and is a massive improvement from the previous version, it's been completely re-written from the ground up and improved in every way as well as now supporting the latest beta release of Holochain and the full Admin API and so much more! 😉

Installing and preparing a hApp for use: 13 lines vs 1 line and this is only a tiny taste of the many improvements and productivity saving features in HoloNET.

Others include auto-starting and shutting down the Holochain conductor so .NET devs do not ever need to worry about understanding how Holochain or the conductor work because HoloNET hides all this away from you and offers many advanced customization options in the new HoloNET DNA:

It also allows you to map data returned from the Holochain Conductor onto any of your data objects/models so you do not need to worry about doing this yourself. This is tiny preview of what HoloNET ORM also does for you and so much more...

HoloNET Client v3.0.0 also does a lot more than this, we will share more soon...


As part of this release we will also be releasing HoloNET ORM which is built on top of HoloNET making it even quicker and easier to build hApps and open up Holochain to the massive .net and unity ecosystems. This hides all the complexities of holochain, the conductor, admin and app API's so you simply just create your models that extend from either HoloNETEntryBase or HoloNETAuditEntryBase and then HoloNET ORM will take care of the rest! You can then simply call Load, Save or Delete on your model/entry to load/save/delete. It also has a number of advanced ORM features such as change tracking, rollback etc. If you use HoloNETAuditEntryBase then you also get version control and auditing features.

There is also of course HoloNETCollections which manage collections of your HoloNETEntries. These again are super simple to use with LoadCollection, SaveCollection & UpdateCollection methods. It also features change tracking and other advanced features.

We will go into more detail on HoloNET ORM in a future post once we have released it along with HoloNET Client v3.0.0.

Because of the power of HoloNET ORM you can simply add a few attributes to their existing models/classes for them to now work with Holochain!

This coupled with the .NET HDK/STAR ODK which dynamically generates c# and rust code from your meta data/business models makes upgrading to Holochain very quick and easy!


We also have plans to extend HoloNET ORM to make it more generic so it can be plugged into any backend/network/db/architecture. This also has overlap with WEB5 STAR ODK which uses COSMIC ORM allowing you to use a ORM that wraps around all of WEB4 OASIS API/WEB2/WEB3.

Whereas COSMIC ORM is integrated with the OASIS API, the new generic ORM (currently called NG ORM or NextGen ORM adapted from HoloNET ORM) is completely de-coupled from everything if you wanted a super lightweight ORM to plug into anything you choose.

EntityFramework and other leading ORM's are limited in that they only support relational databases where NG ORM supports ANY backend such as relational db, document/object db, graph db, blockchain, holochain, ipfs, cloud or anything else! We will share more on this soon...


We also have the HoloNET WPF UI built on top of HoloNET ORM and HoloNET Client to demo all the new advanced features, it also provides a powerful business and UI framework for .NET enterprises to use making it easier for them to port to Holochain...

This started of as a simple Test Harness for HoloNET but has now evolved into soooo much more, it is a little like a .NET Holochain Laucher/Dev Store but it is also so much more! ;-) We will share more on this soon...

This can also be deployed to smartphones, tablets, TVs, Linux, Mac, everywhere! 😉

We have plans to extend this UI to The OASIS and other supported OASIS Providers such as Solana. As with everything we build, we do our best to make them as generic and re-usable as possible so as many people can benefit from them as possible! Share the Love! ;-)

The code for all of the HoloNET work above can be found here:

NOTE: The documentation is currently out of date but once we get the new releases out very soon, we will get round to updating it all...

WEB 5 STAR ODK Omniverse Open Interoperable Metaverse No/Low Code Generator

WEB5 STAR ODK Omniverse Open Interoperable Metaverse No/Low Code Generator is also evolving and will be the main focus ( as well as Our World/AR World & the MMORPG Open World One World) now that HoloNET is wrapping up at long last! 😉

STAR ODK is currently in the form of a powerful highly configurable CLI, but we are also working on the Unity, Unreal & Web versions...

The .NET HDK is deeply integrated into STAR ODK because STAR ODK evolved from the .NET HDK in the first place! ;-)

The .NET HDK will also show how powerful STAR ODK is and how flexible, dynamic and how easy it is to extend and build on top of. Amongst many other things it is like the Low/No Code Generator of all the Low/No Code Generators, it sits at a higher level of abstraction much like how WEB4 OASIS API is an abstraction layer over all of WEB2 and WEB3 so it allows other No/Low Code Generators to be plugged in and as a good example of this we will be integrating the excellent GO (Generative Objects) written by Walter, a good friend and partner of ours. The .NET HDK is another example of how easy it is to extend and configure STAR ODK.

STAR ODK was originally built to generate metaverses but it can also dynamically generate code for anything that the OASIS supports! So if there is a OASIS Provider such as Solana, Ethereum, MongoDB, Holochain etc then it can generate dynamic code for it, this may include models, smart contracts, entire projects, websites, apps, games, ANYTHING! It is a highly dynamic generic configurable templating engine and has multiple interfaces allowing it to be extended in many directions. Currently it dynamically generates rust and c# code to generate hApps for the .NET HDK (which also wraps around HoloNET ORM which in turn wraps around HoloNET Client).

Read more on STAR ODK here:

One World Open World MMORPG

One World is built on the OASIS API (including Holochain) and Unreal 5 engine and has also made a lot of progress. We soon hope to begin integrating the new HoloNET HyperNET P2P Networking Stack allowing in theory infinite players to play online at the same time with little or no lag thanks to the power of P2P networking and no server bottlenecks! ;-)

HoloNET & OASIS Downloads

The HoloNET & OASIS downloads continue to grow daily and have now reached nearly 140k! HoloNET has a total of over 21K downloads! So we are getting good traction on our early alpha preview releases, we haven't even officially announced any of them yet or been doing any marketing, advertising or promotions, when we do the downloads are set to explode! ;-)

Check out the full list here:

We will share more detail on each of the above soon, there's a lot more but that's just a summary and small taste of what we have been hard at work on! 😉

NOTE: All of the above designs, screenshots etc are a WIP and are likely to change before the official released versions.

The Future Is Bright, The Future Is OASIS, Holochain & Solana!

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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