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Our World Featured On New Holochain Forum As Key Project! :)

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that Our World is now featured as a key project & partner on the new Holochain Forum.

Check it out here:

We are really starting to make waves within the amazing Holochain community now! :) So much they have made us one of their key projects & partners and soon we will be interviewed to feature in their Community Matters, AMA, Dev Pulse etc because we are not only building a massive vital project for humanity on their platform but we are also gifting forward HoloNET & HoloUnity to allow devs to build on Holochain within the massive .NET & Unity ecosystems, which will help turbocharge the holochain ecosystem... :)

We are hoping soon this will attract the much needed devs & funding we need for this project...

Once we have more providers implemented for the OASIS API helping to bridge Holochain to the existing platforms such as IPFS, Ethereum, SOLID, ActivityPub, etc then we feel this will really help get them even more excited and help take everything to the next level...

We are currently working on the Ethereum & SOLID providers, expect more news on this soon...

Until next time folks!

The Our World Team.

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