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OASIS Upgraded To .NET 6

Greetings Friends,

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we have upgraded the full OASIS codebase to the latest and fastest version of .NET (v6). This gives us many enhancements including BIG performance gains (up to 40%), bug fixes, stability improvements and lots of new powerful features.

For the full list of improvements, check out the following:

The build size is also reduced so will run on more devices including more mobiles, TV's, IoT's etc... This is great because we want to get the OASIS EVERYWHERE! :)

It now has a unified code-base meaning we can deploy the same code on any device or platform without having to make any changes... :)

For more info on the performance improvements check out:

This is one of the biggest and best upgrades to .NET for a while, and is an essential upgrade:

We make sure we stay ahead of the curve by upgrading early... :)

It also has the latest version of C# (10), which comes with a whole host of it's own improvements.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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