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Happy New Year From The Our World Tribe! :)

Greetings Friends,

We wish you all a very happy new year from the Our World Tribe! :)

We hope you all have a great new year, this year is a very exciting year for us because this is the year we bring everything we have been working on for many long years together and can finally show and demo everything! :)

Just like with Holochain, everything has taken a LOT longer than we initially anticipated but we guess that is to expected when you are building the future and blazing a path for others to follow, we are in uncharted territories here! :)

We will be making a series of exciting announcements soon...

We apologies for our long gaps of silence, but this is a good sign, not a bad one, it means we are flat out working on getting the MVPs finalized ready to be demoed along with final integrations and testing etc...

As we mentioned in our previous xmas post we are now finalising HoloNET v3.0.0 (the worlds first .NET/Unity client for Holochain) and the new HoloNET ORM (Object Relational Mapping) built on top of it making hApp development even easier and faster for .NET devs. We are also finalizing the integration with the WEB4 OASIS web2/web3 bridge as well as with the STAR ODK Low Code Generator which the .NET HDK Low Code Generator evolved into. STAR ODK is not only for metaverses, it is a generic templating engine so can dynamically generate code for any platform/language, the first two examples will be holochain/rust/c# code as well as metaverse code with many more to follow soon...

Our World geo-location AR game (built in Unity) and One World Open World MMORPG (built in both Unreal and Unity) games built on top of HoloNET and the OASIS are coming along nicely too. We will soon implement and integrate the new HoloNET P2P HyperNET technology allowing in theory as many players to be online simultaneously without any bottlenecks or lag! :) Something the gaming industry has been struggling with for a long time now because they are limited with the old classical client server architecture, which creates bottlenecks on the server.

We hope to give you more frequent updates this year, since we hope a lot more funding will arrive once we deliver our MVPs and the world will finally understand everything we have been working on all these years! :)

As always if you want to see more frequent updates please join our telegram groups:

This will be a very exciting year for us all where everything finally starts coming together and big changes will ripple across the world in every area! ;-)

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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