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Ethereum Provider Added To OASIS API

Greetings Friends,

It brings us great pleasure too announce that the Ethereum Provider has now been added to the OASIS API. :)

The OASIS API now supports the following providers:

  • Holochain


  • Ethereum

  • MongoDB

MANY more providers will be coming soon, but the following will be given higher priority:

  • ThreeFold

  • SQLLite


  • IPFS

  • ActivityPub

If your a dev and fancy taking on one of the above providers or to help out with the core OASIS API or the Unity or Web UI please get in touch! We would love to hear from you and could really do with your help! Thank you, :)

Check out the quests currently available for the above providers:

As always we are looking for people to help in all other areas too, such as PR, marketing, social media, funding etc

If you would love to keep this project going and to help speed up development, please help spread the word as well as considering making a donation via our crowd funding page below:

It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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