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Our World Partners With The Built Environment Blockchain) B.E.B

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that back in January this year we partnered with B.E.B. In the first half of this year we built a prototype of their new Construction/Workflow Management System on top of the OASIS API.

This is the first major use case of the OASIS API, leveraging its bridging capabilities between Holochain, MongoDB, EOSIO, Ethereium, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS and many more.

It also centres around the Avatar & Karma System so for example workers gain karma for eating healthy meals in the canteen as well as reporting a health & safety issue on site.

We really wish we could show you all the hard work that has gone into this prototype but we are under NDA so we cannot say anymore at this point. But in future they plan to open it up just as Our World & The OASIS API already are...

We look forward to showing you more of the system then...

We are currently looking for investors and are in talks with them currently but unfortunately due to the current economic crisis & COVID 19, it has really slowed everything down, otherwise we would have already secured the funding we need. But we are hopeful things will resolve soon...

Stay tuned for lots more exciting news that have been going on behind the scenes this year... let's just say we have been very busy bees indeed and made full use of the lockdowns! ;-)

In Love, Light & Hope,

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