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Our World Is Attending The NoMads For Change Event In Ubud Bali from Oct 18th - 19th - COME JOIN US!

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce we will be attending the NoMads For Change event in Ubud Bali from Oct 19th to 19th.

This has our name written all over it, our founder David Ellams who has been pushing this project forward for over 7 years now is now a digital nomad living in ubud, Bali and is making a lot of important connections there, which eventually lead him to discover this event...

This is a perfect opportunity for us to network and hopefully find funding and new team members... :)

There are also some interesting talks and workshops we will be attending. In fact some of them our founder David could give himself since they very closely describe the life he has lived and is now living. We spoke to the organiser to see if we could give a talk at this event but unfortunately they were already full but we will hopefully be given a slot at the next event next year sometime...

Check out more details below:

We hope to see some of you there if you are in the area! :)

We can highly recommend Bali with its beautiful weather, beaches, food, people & energy! Ubud is the heart of the spiritual community and has even more powerful special energy than the rest of magical Bali! :)

The venue where it is being held is a very special place on the outskirts of Ubud with LOTS of nature surroundings and is an open air venue with amazing food and juices, if you check out the pics you will see for yourself! :)

We will be representing Holochain there and promoting it to everyone…

But it would be great if any of you are in the area that you can come join us…

Hope to see you there! :)

Until next time folks!

In love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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