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Amazing Progress & Investment Found! :)

Greetings Friends,

It has been a while since we have updated you on progress. We have again been very busy indeed! :)

We have been having lots of meetings networking with various important people and out of all of that we have now secured funding for Our World so this will help speed things up a lot! :)

We are now focusing more on building it rather than talking about it hence why there has been a lot less focus on these blogs, social media, etc...

We will give more progress within the new few weeks, you will not have to wait so long next time we are pleased to say! ;-)

For now, we can say that the OASIS API is coming along nicely, the core part of the OASIS (which powers Our World) and manages the central avatar profile and the karma system.

We will report more progress on this next time... :)

We are also pleased to report that Chris from S7 Foundation has been in Bali since March synergising with our founder David. This is very exciting news because Chris is the creator of Noomap and ARC (Augmented Reality Computer). We did a previous post on Noomap, which you can check out here.

Noomap is now a few years old and ARC is the evolution of it, we will report more on this next time...'

ARC will be embedded in the OASIS Engine and is an operating system and so forms half of the operating system that Our World runs off. As we said Our World is much more than a game, it is a platform, operating system, social network, app store, ecosystem, asset store and soooo much more!

Finally, as well as officially teaming up with Chris (who represents S7 Foundation & Infinite World Game (another part of Our World), we have also teamed up with Ranya who is helping to find funding and has massive global networks we can use. Chris also has big networks, which we now also have access to. This is why we have been quiet all this time, with lots of meetings and networking as you can imagine! :)

Below is a photo of the new team here in magical Bali.

From right to left is our founder David (creative/tech visionary), Chris from S7 (creative/tech visionary) , Ranya (network co-ordinator) & Harry (investor and co-creator), The other lady is Harry's partner and is not currently involved in Our World but may be at a later date. The two children are Ranya's who will help beta test Our World since kids are a large part of the target audience (but it is for people of all ages and backgrounds so noone is excluded).

They may even help co-create Our World since they are also Master Builders just as David and Chris are and are also uber creative. They are into Lego just as David was as a child and is part of what got him into programming and helped him be as creative as he is. For example, they could help co-create the maps, levels, buildings, vehicles, etc.

More to come soon...

Watch this space...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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