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Our World overtakes Yoga4Autism!

Greetings Friends,

We bring you news that the likes for the Our World FB Page have now over taken those for our sister company Yoga4Autism.

This is all part of the plan since unfortunately there is very little funding available within the autistic and special needs areas.

This is why I switched my focus to creating these benevolent apps & games that can help make the world a better a place and to help make peoples life's as good as they can be and to help unleash their FULL potential!

Profits can then be poured back into Yoga4Autism. In time I wish to be able to offer our services for free to clients who cannot afford the class and service fees.

Yoga4Autism will also have a big reboot soon with a new website and business model soon so keep an eye out on the Y4A website and FB pages below:

Profits will also go to other worthy causes and charities worldwide...

Of course, profits will also be funnelled back into NextGen Software to help expand and to create even more apps & games to help even more people...

There are also future plans to create a NextGen Academy, NextGen Technology and even NextGen Labs, but I will share more on these in future...

This is why it is important to help spread awareness of Our World EVERYWHERE! Please like our FB page and share with all your friends and family...

Also if you can donate to our crowd funding page that would be really appreciated:

Finally, if you feel you can contribute in any other way we would love to hear from you, please email us on

You can also get involved in our forums here:

We are also offering jobs to people in all areas so please get in touch if you wish to get involved in this vital very important world transforming project!

We look forward to hearing from you...

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)

Proud & Liberated Aspie

Founder & Managing Director

NextGen Software Ltd


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