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Meet Our Partners

Greetings Friends,

We have been working with a number of partners over the past few years to bring you the next generation apps & games including our flagship product Our World.

Some of these are listed below:

We have been having in depth discussions with NeuroSky and MyndPlay on how we can use their real-time emotional feedback and tracking headbands in Our World and other apps & games. We have built up a good solid relationship with these two, and with MyndPlay the Founders & MD's talk directly to each other on first name basis.

We have been having in depth discussions with EEGeo on how we can use their technology for the smartphone version of Our World.

We have recently been having in depth discussions with Improbable on how we can harness their Spacial OS technology in Our World. It is our joint mission to create the OASIS featured in the renowned Ready Player One novel by Earnie Cline, which Spilberg is now turning into a new blockbuster that will blast into the cinemas next March (2018). Since we are both based in London UK, this makes it much easier to have face to face meetings within their or our premises. We will be visiting their premises next week for our next meeting...

Some of our other partners are listed below:

So as you can see we are building something very exciting, we are using technology in new ground breaking ways that has never been done before and where it has, we will be innovating and pushing them to their limits...

There is a LOT more that we cannot share at this time, but lets just say you would have good reason to be getting very excited, especially when you finally find out more on what we have planned...

We will slowly leak more news on this as we progress along our road map...

So watch this space!

In love, light & hope,

The Our World Team

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