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The Improbable Becomes Probable...

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that we met with the Improbable team, another London based tech company who are building the Spacial OS platform that Our World will run on. It offers unparalleled processing power that previously was not possible thanks to it using scalable cloud technology.

It can support millions of players running around on the same high detailed world where everything persists.

This brings the technology featured in the Ready Player One book that much closer to reality...

We will be working very closely with them, they were impressed by the ambition and magnitude of our vision and said we were the first to want to support billions of players logged in at once, rather than just millions. Their eyes got quite large when we made that statement! ;-)

They mentioned they have just got an example of their platform working with the CryEngine, which is what we are planning to build Our World in. We did consider Unity and Unreal but they just are not quite as graphically advanced as CryEngine such as dense vegetation, time of day and weather effects, etc. They are catching up but not quite there yet...

We are aware that Unity offers the most support and comparability, followed by Unreal and then CryEngine. But it is then the reverse if you look at the graphical capabilities and since Our World needs to be the greatest game ever made we cannot make any compromises, it needs to look the best any game possibly can, it needs to push the boundaries of what is currently possible...

Stay tuned for more exciting progress we are making in all directions...

The Our World Team.

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