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Time to make a change, time to reject violence of any kind

Greetings Friends,

Once again I am sorry to have to write another post such as this where there has been yet another big gun crime in Lost Vegas with over 50 people killed and 500 injured.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims families.

This on top of the recent terrorist attack in London on the tube, the riots in Spain, the racial tensions in the US, the North Korea crisis, the wars in Syria, Yemen and more, all the hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

When is enough enough? How much suffering and bloodshed does there have to be before we all decide to unite together to make a change?

United together we have the strength and power to make a change. Do not think oh what can I do, I am only one person since if everyone thought that there would be no world left by now. If we all did our bit, even just a little bit we could make a BIG difference.

If everyone donated just one pound to our crowd funding page we would have enough money to make a EPIC difference to the world by getting Our World built much quicker after which it can start re-educating the masses on how to look after themselves and the beautiful world that sustains us...

People still do not realize just how much this vital project is going to change the world, we live in a digital age where the most effective medium to reach people especially the younger generations is thought apps and games. At the moment their only influence is mostly violent games as well as games promoting stealing and other crimes. They also promote a dog eat dog world where it is every man for themselves. We need to take a moral and social responsibility to create apps & games to teach people the right life lessons and to empower people to take responsibility in looking after our beautiful planet before it is too late...

So do you want to be part of the solution or the problem? Do you want to leave it to somebody else? If everyone thought that then we would be in very BIG trouble now. What will your legacy be? What world do you wish to leave your kids and grand kids and the next generation? Things cannot continue the way they have been...

We are now at a crisis point and now is the time to act, together we really CAN make a difference.

People have so much more power than they realise, if we unit together there is nothing we cannot accomplish, it is time to reclaim your power and rise together, power to the people! ;-)

We would really appreciate if you could donate anything you can afford, even if its just a pound, if everyone did that then we would be able to massively accelerate this very urgent and important project for a world in need right now. I think everyone can justify a pound if it meant saving the world don't you think?

It's even better to spend a pound on this project rather than buying a lottery ticket since you have more chance of being hit by a car than winning the jackpot, then even by some fluke you did win, there is no point having millions if there is no world left to enjoy it on.

Think about it...

Please donate here:

We are also really in need of funding or investors so if you know of any please send them our way! :) It would be really appreciated. We currently have a pitch on the Angel Investor Network:

Also, please make sure you like our FaceBook page: We need to build our online community to as big as possible before we launch new crowd funding campaigns on Kick Starter and start approaching investors... We are also hiring and looking for the world and community to all contribute to this project so please do get in touch and get involved, we would love to hear from you!

Many thanks,

The Our World Team.

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