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Special Message From Bali (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Greetings Friends,

Please find below three special videos I recorded on the powerful portal of 11th November (11/11) in Uluwatu temple in magical Bali.

11/11 is a powerful day where your prayers and manifestations are amplified, as well as your thoughts and feelings, so its very important to pay specific attention to them, because they will be manifested much quicker than normal.

Whenever you see the the number 1, it means a portal has opened up for you and reminds you to pay attention to your thoughts and feeling because they will manifest quicker. So 1111 is very powerful indeed!

Please read more here:

It also means an activation has occurred so I thought what better way to harness this powerful energy by praying in Uluwatu temple in Bali, both of which are very spiritually powerful normally, let alone on this date.

I prayed for many things, which I normally pray for including world peace, love, unity and of course funding and the dream team for Our World, Yoga4Autism and my other projects, and to help them go viral and supernova! :)

After I prayed I recorded these 3 videos, giving an update on Our World and giving more details of the project as well as future plans for NextGen Software, including the hardware we are going to build including smartphones, consoles, laptops, etc. Currently, all of these are not very good for our health due to the harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) they emit as well as of course cell phones being even more dangerous, now proved to cause cancer, tumors and all sorts of health problems. WIFI is also harmful and the faster and faster it gets the more dangerous it becomes as well as 4G, 5G, etc.

We are electromagnetic beings with an aura, which is very sensitive and so the EMF, cellphone signal, WIFI, etc all effect it. This has now been proven many times with Science and various experiments and readings. I will share more on this later...

But the good news is we plan to build devices that actually heal and energise you rather than kill you! They will also never need charging and will simply pull energy out of the void using technologies such as Zero Point & Torus energy.

We will share more on this later...

For now, sit back and enjoy the videos...

If your wondering why I have rice stuck to my head, that's part of the Bali way of praying! ;-) At the end you stick rice on your forehead, lower neck below your apples adam. You also eat a grain and then throw some behind you. Before this you pray once, then 3 times with flowers in your hand, which you then put behind your ear. The flowers are an offering to the divine you are praying to. They are called canang.

Watch how they pray here:

Read more here:

We plan to make many more videos so watch this space...

Much love & Blessings,

David Ellams BSc(Hons).

Proud & Liberated Aspie

Founder & Managing Director

NextGen Software Ltd & Yoga4Autism

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