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Website Updates - New Our World Benefits Section & More!

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that the website has now been updated, there have been many improvements, the biggest being a whole new shiny section entitled "Our World Benefits" where as the name suggests we list just some of the many benefits Our World will have for the world.

We have also added a new NextGen Hardware and NextGen Offices section to the 2nd section of the website, which has now been renamed to "Welcome to the next generation".

We have also re-written the "Golden Opportunity For Investors" and also added the Business Plan and Pitch Deck, which can now be downloaded.

The intro section and the Power Of Autism sections have also been updated.

Finally, we have added UN, Be Earth, MindLife, Apple & Samsung to Our Partners section.

So to summarise the follow sections have been added/changed:

  • Introduction

  • Our World Benefits (New)

  • NextGen Hardware (New)

  • NextGen Offices (New)

  • Golden Opportunity For Investors

  • Power Of Autism

  • Our Partners

Below is some of what has been added to the above sections, please check out the website to view everything else:

Our World Benefits

Below is some of what has been added here:

Below is some of what has been added here:

Well Being

The game will teach people vital wellbeing skills on how to look after themselves and each other including meditation, mindfulness, yoga and others in fun and entertaining ways for the whole family.

Our World gets people out of their homes and back into nature, which has proven mental, emotional and physical benefits.

As well as this Our World contains advanced psychological & mindfulness techniques to promote many health benefits, which will tackle anxiety, depression and many other mental and physical health conditions.


The game will teach people how to care for our world and look after the environment in fun and entertaining ways. It will tackle the environmental crisis we are currently facing such as plastic pollution, endangered animals, oil spills, fossil fuels, fracking, rainforest's etc.

It will teach people to respect our beautiful planet that sustains us and to start prioritising peoples health and the environment above all else, our survival as a species depends on it.

World Peace & Non Violence

Our World will teach advanced techniques on how to create lasting world peace where we can all learn how to live in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet that sustains us. It will show how everyone benefits if we work together rather than alone or against people as had been previously accepted and followed in the dog eat dog social conditioning. It will show that violence and war do not solve anything, ever.

Solve Most Of The World's Problems

Other than what has already been listed above, Our World will help to solve most of the world problems in new ground breaking creative ways never seen before. Some of these include:

  • Teaching the dangers of AI & some other technology

  • Teaching the dangers of drugs.

  • Teaching the dangers of gambling.

  • Help you live longer.

  • Improve the world economy.

  • Make people happier.

  • Help reduce disease.

  • Help reduce poverty.

  • Help reduce inequality.

  • Help reduce anxiety & depression.

  • Help reduce violence.

  • Help to encourage more face to face interactions.

  • Help solve the bullying problems.

  • Help protect the enviroment.

  • Help protect endangered species.

  • Help stop the wars.

  • Help get kids off their devices & back into nature.

  • Help solve the mental health crisis.

  • Teaching kids the right life lessons.

  • Help save the rainforests.

  • Help solve the plastic pollution epidemic.

  • Help save the oceans

  • Help solve the addictive social media problem.

  • Help reduce homelessness.

  • Help get kids of the streets.

  • Teaching the dangers of EMF radiation, WiFi, 4G/5G.

  • Teaching the importance of healthy organic foods and water.

  • Teaching healthy holistic sustainable farming techniques that respect the planet.

  • Teaching a balanced healthy holistic lifestyle.

  • Using technology for the upliftment of humanity rather than negative purposes.

  • Plus much more!

NextGen Hardware

Current devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc emit harmul EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation. This includes Wi Fi and 3G/4G/5G. The faster and more powerful they become the more dangerous they are to us. We are electromagnetic beings and so we are sensitive to this radiation.

We plan to tackle this with our nextgen devices, which not only shield you from these harmful effects but actually heal you. They will also never need charging using the latest nextgen technology. They will also have nextgen performance and usability and be fully integrated with our nextgen software.

Read more on our blog post here:

NextGen Offices

We will be building nextgen offices across the globe, which instead of being designed in the classic rectangular design, they will use sacred geometry designs and domes, which will provide better air flow so will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This design will also allow for better energy flow and so they will be naturally more pleasant and healthy to work in due to allowing the human bodies aura to naturally expand. They will also feature organite and crystals which will naturally shield, energise and heal people. Finally they will also feature trees, plants, grass, streams, water features, etc which will also help create a peaceful, healing and energising environment. You will not need any caffeine when working in our office spaces, which is a good thing since it is not too good for you anyway. Read more on a previous blog post here:

Expect more updates to come soon...

Also, stay tuned for some very exciting news coming to a world near you... ;-)

In Hope,

The Our World Team.

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