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Yet More Whales Killed By Plastic!

Greetings Friends,

It is very sad to see yet more whales have been killed by plastic. One was found in Indonesia with over 6KG of plastic inside it.

That is a LOT!

I can personally vouch for just how much the plastic problem is out of control in Indonesia after spending 8 months in lovely Bali but unfortunately what ruins it is the sheer magnitude of plastic pollution everywhere especially on the beaches, this was even worst during the rainy season where even more waste not probably disposed off was washed into the oceans, I can tell you swimming in rubbish really does take the magic out of it.

Another was found in Thailand with 80 plastic bags inside it:

This is yet another reason we now need all the help we can get to get Our World off the ground, we REALLY need funding and developers to help speed things up.

If you know anyone who can help we would LOVE to hear from them, thank you!

In Hope,

The Our World Team.

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