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OASIS/Our World Architecture, HoloNET, Holochain, Prototype Update

Greetings Friends,

We have decided it is time to show something a bit more substantial for all our efforts! So we are pleased to share with you the OASIS Architecture diagram showing the inner workings of the OASIS (Open Advanced Sensory Immersion System) Engine, which will power Our World.

Behold, we give you the OASIS... ;-)

As you can see the system is very open so can be easily extended in anyway possible. Currently it allows Holochain apps, Ethereum dApps and legacy apps,games & websites to connect to Our World and to each other through the OASIS API.

The prototype is coming along nicely after about a year’s development. It is the first game/app to use the Unity Engine with the revolutionary de-centralised, distributed network called Holochain. We now have three prototypes, the Holochain lower stack (which is the storage and network part), the OASIS API (the middle part of the stack), where the central avatar/profile and karma system is managed and controlled and allows satellite apps/games to share the central profile/avatar/karma system and then the Unity front-end (top part of the stack).

You can view these various components on our OASIS Architecture Diagram, which we have recently decided it is time to now make public. We are about to announce this on a new blog post as well as add it to our website. It has already been added to this campaign in the Story section so please do go check it out. But because it is such high res due to containing a LOT of detail, you will not be able to read all of it, we will remedy that by allowing people to download it from the site.

Currently these are three separate independent prototypes but we are now integrating all three together and that is where the real magic will begin... We trust this will get the Holochain community very excited and hope to attract some much-needed development resource to help build the next stage of the prototype since it will help turbo charge their new app ecosystem they are trying to build.

To help with this we are gifting forward HoloNET, a .NET SDK/Library we have built to allow .NET (what the OASIS API and Unity use) to communicate with Holochain. Currently Holochain can only talk to HTML websites via Javascript. This will massively help turbo charge the ecosystem because it now allows the massive .NET and Unity community of developers to build Holochain apps. We are still working on this perfecting it but within a few days if everything goes according to plan, we will be publishing it to a public repro on GitHub.

We will then reach out to the Holochain community and hope people will be excited to come and help with Our World... We will of course also share the link to this repro on a new blog post.

Our World acts as the bridge between the old and new world since it helps connect everything to everything thanks to it supporting every legacy app, game, website etc as well as supporting Ethereum dapps and holochain hApps through the OASIS API. It will also support H4OME and ARC apps in future when they become available, which are being built by our good friends S7 Foundation, the creators of Noomap.

Talking of which, Noomap and ARC will soon also be integrated into Our World and then things will get REALLY exciting... this is where the nextgen social network part of Our World will start to take shape and will also form part of the new Holo Web Browser Chris from S7 and Nico from Holochain are starting to build in parallel.

The Holo Web Browser will help connect all of the Holochain apps together and provide a unified interface between them allowing them all to share data, etc so you no longer need to check four different apps for your social updates, they will all be there through one interface. It will do a lot more than this too, please read more on Nico’s excellent article here:

This will then be fully integrated into Our World along with the OASIS API/Karma system where your central avatar/profile will be at the centre of the Holo Web Browser.

We have all been independently developing all these different pieces from around 2012 without knowing it or knowing each other from different parts of the globe (we had been downloading the blueprints from Source/The Universe where all creativity comes from), but now we are all finding each other and putting all our different pieces together to help form the new(noo) internet, which will one day replace what we currently use along with the current Big Tech giants such as Google & FB whose only interest is exploitation, selling your data to the highest bidder and even spying on you, which is now finally coming to light but we have known this for years... but we are happy to see the public finally start to wake up to this truth...

This is why our new truly decentralised distributed internet is really needed and why Our World is built on top of Holochain.

Things have been going a lot slower than we would have all liked, but what do you expect when we are building a new internet?! lol These things take time, it cannot be rushed, we are making sure things are being built properly and on solid foundations. We spent many long years designing all of this independently thinking everything through and now is the time to start integrating them all. This is our founder’s speciality, integration since it is the digital reflection of the unity consciousness he embodies. This is one of the reasons that made him so good at his job when he was contracting by integrating various systems and technologies together in new intuitive ways never done before, to him everything is like Lego, building blocks you simply put together, thanks to his years growing up with it as a child, leading him to start programming at 8 on the ZX Spectrum. This is why his pieces of the puzzle Our World is the central platform that connects and integrates everything together. He has been preparing and training for this all his life so this is no problem to him! 😉

This is also one of the many gifts of autism, seeing things from a different perspective, seeing the bigger picture plus at the same time seeing all the details and how everything interconnects just like Lego. People on the spectrum do not see a bike for example, they see all the components that make up the bike and then it is just like Lego putting them all together and this can be scaled infinitely to build the simplest to the most complex thing, it makes no difference to them, it just a question of time. This is why the tech for Our World is simple to our founder even though on the outside is can look very complex, ground breaking and revolutionary!

We will follow up with more details on HoloNET and other updates soon, lot's is happening so please bare with us during this very exciting time! :)

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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