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Our Holoport Has Arrived! YAY! Welcome To The New Internet! :)

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that our Holoport has now arrived, which means we can be part of the closed altha testnet, what an honour! :)

It is GREAT news that the HoloPorts are finally shipping, which has made a lot of people happy and helps hc stand out even more from the other blockchains (not that holochain is a blockchain, and was already a quantum leap ahead of them), by backing up the software with dedicated hardware.

The HoloPorts will allow people to host hApps and earn HoloFuel for doing so. They will also act as a bridge to Web 2.0 so users can simply install and run a hApp from their web browser (this saves them the hassle of having to setup and configure their own node), which is then routed to the relevant Holoport host in their area.

This way we control the new internet and there will be no off switch so Governments, etc cannot choose to shut down the internet or censor it anyway, since it is owned and run by the people in a fully distributed de-cenealised way, just as it should be! ;-)

This is a REALLY exciting milestone for Holochain and is really helping to ground the vision now as the closed altha testnet gets some real-life testing at scale, I believe it will be well over 1000 Holoports (nodes) during the test, which we are happy to say we will be one of them, in this historic moment for the future of the internet and humanity! :)

We are looking forward to testing Our World hosting on our brand new shiny Holoport along with our new ONET and ONODE Architecture built on top of the Holo Hosting Network (Holoports), read more about this in the new ONET section recently added to our GitHub page below:

Stay tuned for more news on this soon... ;-)

In Love, LIght & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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