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The Our World Mission

Greetings Friends,

Some of you may have noticed that our sites and some blog posts now include The Our World Mission along the bottom. This is a nice summary of what the mission is for both the OASIS API and for Our World:

The mission/summary is also shown below:

The Mission for HoloNET .NET HDK & The OASIS API

1. To connect and bridge everything to everything including Holochain, blockchains (Etherum, EOSIO, etc), IPFS, SOLID, ActivityPub, ThreeFold, etc to create an abstraction layer over the whole internet, a network of networks.

2. To create a bridge and migration path for people to migrate to Holochain from any previous network, protocol, platform or network stack as well as promote Holochain through all existing platforms & networks.

3. Allow people to write their dApp once (OAPP - OASIS App) and then deploy and run ANYWHERE without ever needing to port or change it ever again, they can call EOSIO, Ethereum smart contracts from Holochain for


4. To open up Holochain to the massive .NET and Unity ecosystems brining all the devs/resources & PR that Holochain really needs. It will massively turbocharge the Holochain ecosystem.

5. To open up Holochain to the massive business enterprises that run .NET code. This coupled with (4) above will take Holochain mainstream.

6. To make Holochain hApp development much simpler and easier for devs through a simple higher level.NET API over the low-level Rust code.

7. Provide wizards, templates for many use cases such as websites, apps, desktop apps, services, web services, games, etc. There will also be templates/assets/packages created for Unity.

8. Provide debugging (you cannot debug rust code).

9. All of the above will pull more developers to Holochain and massively speed up dev time.

The Mission for Our World

1. To create a NextGen educational (ascension training) VR game/platform on consoles/desktops and Geo-location AR game/platform on smartphones using the latest cutting-edge technology. The smartphone version will be a decentralised distributed replacement for Google Maps/Earth using the real-time 3D map of the world.

2. To create a massive multiplayer online game that incentives pro-social and pro-environmental behaviours and facilitates mass-scale collaboration for the creation of a better world. The game will teach people to put their differences aside and work together so we can all cocreate a better world together where we all live in harmony with each other, the animals, and our beautiful planet.

3. To create a fully integrated immersive universal UI over the OASIS API allowing everything and everyone to connect, work, play & share at levels never achieved before.

4. To teach people vital life lessons and to do good in society through the use of Karma (this also applies to the OASIS API). It will support individuals in maximizing their potential by undoing toxic cultural programming.

5. To allow satellite apps/games to plug into Our World through the OASIS API, sharing the central avatar/digital twin of you and the karma system so karma can be earnt/lost in any app/website/game etc.

6. Our World is a real-time simulation of the world and acts as a digital twin for the whole world.

7. To encourage people (especially kids/teenagers) to get off their phones and out of their bedrooms and back into nature through fun gamified educational ways encouraging face to face interactions, creativity, and teamwork.

8. To get kids/people of violent video games such as Call Of Duty/GTA, etc, which are conditioning them to sex, violence, drugs, gangs, gambling, etc.

9. Our World is the future HoloScape/Holochain App Store in XR. Think of it as Holoscape v22! ;-)

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe. (Telegram General Chat) (Telegram Announcements) (Telegram Tech Updates)

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