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ThreeFold, Protocol.Love, Soulfie API & Our World Meeting/Collaboration

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce we had a recent call with ThreeFold, Protocol.Love & Soulfie API where we began discussing how we can synergise and integrate.

ThreeFold will soon be integrated into the OASIS API, once we have finished upgrading the Holochain .NET/Unity client HoloNET to support RSM. As well as upgrading the STAR .NET HDK/ODK to work with RSM, which we are happy to report we are making good progress with... :)

STAR is the heart of the OASIS and is the engine which will power it all as well as allow you to create new OAPP's (OASIS Applications), which can be either Planets or Moons. We will share more on STAR soon... :)

Read more about ThreeFold below:

Protocol.Love was represented by Raymond, a good friend of ours and is well known within the Holochain community. His protocol is built on Holochain and has known Art & Eric from before Holochain was started and helped get Holochain going, so we are pleased to have him on board and with us all finally coming together now.

Protocol.Love will also be integrated into the OASIS API and will work very well with the Karma System.

Read more here:

Soulfie API is a Smartphone camera hardware upgrade that will allow real-time bio feedback to be integrated into Our World so the game will respond to your emotions. For example your digital twin avatar will show your current mood as well as aura, chakras and light quotient, all core components of Our World.

We will be using this in combination with EEG headbands so we can also see how much a user is focusing or how calm they are. These will be gamified so they can use Jedi force powers by focusing and moving their arm to move things around once they unlock the telekinesis gift for example. This is just a small example of what we have planned with this tech!

We are happy to say we are already partnered with these geniuses from India and have been working closely together for a while now...

Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments soon...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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