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Web Assembly Running Front-End + Back-End = BLAZING FAST! :)

Greetings Friends,

As we briefly touched on the two previous posts, we have been making progress with a new .NET tech called Blazor:

Blazor allows you to create web apps in c# that compiles into Web Assembly and runs in the browser. This means with Holochain also compiling to Web Assembly at the back-end, you now have Web Assembly for both the front-end and back-end, the result? SUPER FAST BLAZING fast web apps! :)

We have already started prototyping this ground breaking tech, we briefly cover this in the recent OASIS API demo.

With the recent .NET 5 release on Nov 10th, they have made even bigger performance improvements resulting in even more SPEEEEEEEEEED! :)

We will share more on this in a future post so watch this space! :)

In Love, Light & Hope,

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