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Our World will be taking a Magic Leap...

Greetings Friends,

Magic Leap will finally be releasing their Goggles for developers next year and we intend to be using them as we have stated on our website from inception when we first identified it as the type of next gen technology that us at NextGen Software work best with...

What makes Magic Leap extra special, is that it uses lasers to project the image directly into the users eyes creating a sharper and crisper image than the traditional VR Headsets currently on the market.

It also has the added benefit that the user can stay immersed without Our World for longer without any side effects such as sickness or headaches as what can be a problem with normal VR headsets. We of course encourage people to have regular breaks from all technology since it is not good for your health to be plugged in all the time. This is something that is built in with Our World, it will actually force users to take regular breaks and require them to complete real world quests with which they can only log back in after a certain period of time and after they have got to a certain location such as a local park to complete the quest, we can verify this by using geo-location services.

We will be revealing more on this soon...

With Magic Leap this brings us one step closer to re-creating the OASIS featured in the EPIC Ready Player One novel by the legendary Earest Cline. The OASIS VR Platform featured in Ready Player One also had goggles that projected the 3D world directly into the users eyes via a laser just like Magic Leap does.

Read more on this in our previous blog post here.

Read more here:

On the above article it states the following:

"The company has yet to show off a promised "next generation" user interface and has said it reserves the right to change the design of its kit before it is delivered."

Well we are pleased to say we are building that next generation interface, we are after all NextGen Software and that is what we specilaise in... ;-)

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon...

The Our World Team.

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