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Our World Is The Buckminster Fuller World Peace Game

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that Our World is the World Game that Buckminster Fuller envisioned many years ago in the 1960's.

Fuller's Background

Fuller was a legend, visionary and way ahead for his time, much like our very own founder and visionary David Ellams BSc(Hons). They appear to share a very similar vision of a World Peace Game, one which really will change the world...

We really love his Dymaxion Map, which shows Spaceship Earth as one island in one ocean and is actually more accurate than the traditional maps we still use today, which appear to emphasise more of what divides us rather than what unites us as Fuller map does.

Once the map is folded it looks like this:

Fuller also created many other amazing ground breaking inventions such as the Dymaxion House and Geosic Domes which were and still are a revolutionary house/dome made out of triangles formed in a sphere which proved to be much stronger that traditional rectangular houses. They were also much stronger, lighter and cheaper to make and used tension rather than compression as used in traditional housing. This is why they could withstand very harsh conditions and so were used extensively by the US military (they were also used elsewhere) and are still used in over 300,000 places, a common use was for radar domes.

As with all of his work, they were light years ahead of everything else, its just a shame they never seemed to take off for some unknown reason. As with his other inventions and visions such as the World Peace Game, we here at NextGen Software share these visions and we intend to build our offices around the world using similar techniques utilizing Sacred Geometry, which are in fact the building blocks of life.

Fullers and our designs are way more efficient to the traditional rectangular for the reasons above, plus they also benefit from increased airflow and circulation, and also retain more heat in the winter and stay cooler in the summer. They are also better for the health of people since it allows the energy inside to also flow more freely and naturally, and allows our auras to expand further and more naturally as nature intended.

Our offices will also be very eco friendly, open, light and contain a lot of nature, not just plants, but also trees, running streams, waterfalls and many water features. All of these are excellent for your mental, emotional and spiritual health. They will also contain Orgonite and healing crystals which are also very good for your health and energy. Trust us when we say, when you are in our spaces you will not need any caffeine to keep going! ;-) Which by the way is not particular good for your health anyway. We will talk more on our office spaces in a future post...

He also invented a Dymaxion car, which was way more efficient that anything else of the time, it could seat 11 people, reach speeds of 90 MPH and had a MPG of 30! Not bad for the early 1930's!

He invented a term known as Synergetics, which involves using the evolved intelligence of nature and the Universe to model your creative designs and thinking. Again this is how we also approach our design & development processes. This is the concept that Sacred Geometry follows.

Would love to talk a lot more on this great man and his many accomplishments but we wanted to get back to the purpose of this post...

We share Fuller's Vision

We whole heartetly agree with Fuller's vision that we need to start addressing the worlds problems as a whole where everything is inter-connected and ONE. The majority of the worlds problems are caused by our constant desire to divide and label everything as black & white. We need to look at the bigger picture and see that everything effects everything else. We cannot just look at individual nations and think they do not effect another.

As fuller says its like we are on the Spaceship Earth with every nation having a separate pilot all trying to steer in a different direction. What if instead we all started steering in the same direction and working together? Imagine what wonders we could achieve?

If we put our difference aside and stopped wasting untold resources fighting each other with pointless wars where there are never any winners, legal battles and many other pointless wastes we could transform this beautiful planet over night.

We need to start pooling all of our worlds resources together and allocating them where they are needed rather than selfishlessly hoarding them all for ourselves whilst our fellow brothers and sisters suffer.

I remember a story I heard from a friend who use to work in the finance department in the NHS where they threw out perfectly good furniture which was only a couple of years old. They did this so they could buy brand new furniture to use up their annual budget, which would then be renewed the following year. Whilst at the same time people are dying in hospital corridors because there are not enough beds or expensive medical equipment is not available. This is what is wrong with our modern society where we divide everything up rather than having a central pool of resources that can then be allocated to where it is needed.

There are enough resources on our beautiful planet to feed, house and cloth the entire population many times over yet there are selfish greedy people and even nations who wish to hoard it all for themselves. This needs to change NOW...

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Which do you choose?

We also agree with Fuller that Our World should be accessible to EVERYONE. When people keep asking us who is our target audience, we say EVERYONE, yet they never seem to be able to comprehend or accept this, since our society has always wanted to divide, categorize and segment everything including people.

Our World is a MASSIVE EPIC global re-educational platform/game teaching people the correct life skills of how to better care for themselves, each other and the enviroment. They can then take the lessons they learn in the game and apply them in their everyday life's. Also, as Fuller states, it will force politicians and leaders to take notice and to start prioritizing what is important such as the environment and peoples well being.

Also, as Fuller envisioned Our World simulates the real world in a very vivid VR World where users will have access to all the world's vital stats, news & problems, which they can then learn to work together to find solutions. Just like in real life, it will show that the worlds problems can be solved much easier and quicker if we all work together towards our common goals...

Our World is much more than just a game or platform, is is also a whole new ecosystem and internet, where many apps, games & services can integrate and so much more...

We couldn't agree more with Fuller's vision:

“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

The article below states that Silicon Valley could learn a lot from the legendary Buckminster Fuller:

Yes, Silicon Valley can learn a LOT from him but also from us, I say to them:

"Watch & learn....

Watch what happens when your intentions are pure and come from a place of LOVE, PEACE, UNITY & INCLUSIVITY FOR ALL rather than from profit, greed, power, control, exploitation, invasion of privacy and exclusivity."

The Universe and the world need people to start coming from a place of love now, not greed, power & control. That is the old paradigm, we are entering a new paradigm now, one where Love, Peace & Unity will prevail above all us.

We plan to be the next Apple, we are thinking that BIG, but imagine a company the size of Apple that is not driven by profits, but by helping to solve the worlds problems on an EPIC size? One that wants to help humanity and the planet above all us, including profits. One that wants to include everyone, to collaborate and work together to create a better world. Imagine the wonders we can accomplish together?

This is one of the reasons why Our World is Open Source since we want the whole world to be the Our World team, we wish to to empower the entire world to take responsibility for our beautiful planet. We want everyone to get involved in every area and department, even if it is just submitting ideas through our forums or by contacting us directly, please see the bottom of this post for details on how.

This all aligns with Fuller's vision. If we are honest we had not heard of Fuller's World Game until the latest BIG players joined our team who drew parallels to it. Upon reading his vision we realized we had the same vision and goals, it would appear we had both tapped into the same "Source" of the vision.

Oh, one of these BIG players is a small little organisation you may have heard of? The United Nations. We will share more on this in our next post... ;-)

Our World goes further than this vision, its aim is to solve all of the world's problems in a mass re-educational program to get humanity heading in the right direction again before we destroy each other and our beautiful planet.

It encourages us to re-prioritize what is important in life, money and GDP or people's health and the environment that sustains us. For what is the point in having money if there is not world left to spend it on?

All those yachts, planes and helicopters are just worthless lumps of junk if there is no life left. This is not rocket science but unfortunately many still do not realise this yet. We need to wake those people up before its too late...

The software industry has the power to transform lives through engaging people with innovative products that help them to grow and develop. Recent popular examples include health apps, mindfulness apps and mind training games. ​

We wish to take this to the next level and help make the world a better place by using technology for good, by bringing people together and to support, guide and educate everyone on how we can all live happier, fulfilling lives and at the same time how we can help save our planet.

We will do this by creating a suite of next gen apps & games using the latest cutting edge technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real-time emotional feedback, face/voice recognition, motion detection and so much more.

Our World is an exciting immersive next generation 3D Virtual Reality educational game/platform teaching people on how to look after themselves, each other and the planet using the latest cutting edge technology. It teaches people the importance of real-life face to face connections with human beings and encourages them to get out into nature using Augmented Reality similar to Pokémon Go but on a much more evolved scale. This is our flagship product and is our top priority due to the massive positive impact it will make upon the world...​

Our World reminds people how powerful they are and empowers them to be the person they have always wanted to be, to live their life to their FULL potential without any limitations. Everyone has a gift for the world and with Our World we can help them find it… We want to empower people to take responsibility for our beautiful planet, which is currently in crisis and so needs EVERYONE to help make a difference. The entire world is the Our World team, we want everyone to get involved so they can feel they are part of something greater than themselves and at the same time ensure there is a future for our kids and grandkids. People learn at a young age how to act and behave and this shapes the future generations and the world they will create. Due to the majority of games these days involving violence, sex, gambling, drugs & crime, this is conditioning the youth of today to the sort of world they will create tomorrow.

With the advent of Virtual Reality now making these violent games even more immersive and realistic where the boundaries between games and reality is shrinking by the day, it is imperative we take some social and moral responsibility and start using technology to help create a better world by improving people’s life’s as well as respecting the environment and planet that sustains us.​

Gambling is being forced onto kids more and more in the form of loot boxes where real money is asked for to receive a random prize and now its got so bad that money is actually needed to progress within the game. Everything seems to be geared around how much people can be exploited and how much money can be sucked out of them, this is even more wrong for kids. Read more on our previous post about this here.

We wish to bring people together, build online communities, encourage people to reach out and help strangers for the greater good of all. To encourage people to come and work together and to show how everyone benefits if they put their differences aside and start all rowing together. It will model the real world and also act as a simulation and training environment for how to make the real world a better place. We wish to reach the kids who are glued to their phones and consoles and never go outside, this game will encourage them to get out into parks and interact with people in fun creative ways face to face instead of through their phones.

We are building the evolved benevolent version of the OASIS featured in the popular Ready Player One novel, which Spielberg is currently shooting the film for. This will be out in March in time for our prototype to be released, when everyone will be wanting to play the game of the movie.

Read more about this in a previous post here.

It only seems to be a week or two before another terrorist attack or mass shooting or disaster after disaster. How much more suffering does there have to be before the people unite together to say enough is enough?

So please get in touch and get involved.

We are looking for people in ALL departments... We want to hear your ideas and what you think should be in the game... As we said the whole world is the Our World team.

Please get involved on our forum here:

Other ways you can help is to donate something to our Crowd Funding page below: We currently have a funding page here:

We would really appreciate if you could donate anything you can afford, even if its just a pound, if everyone did that then we would be able to massively accelerate this very urgent and important project for a world in need right now. I think everyone can justify a pound if it meant saving the world don't you think? It's even better to spend a pound on this project rather than buying a lottery ticket since you have more chance of being hit by a car than winning the jackpot, then even by some fluke you did win, there is no point having millions if there is no world left to enjoy it on.

Think about it...

Also, please make sure you like our FaceBook page: We need to build our online community to as big as possible before we launch new crowd funding campaigns on Kick Starter and start approaching investors...

So please join us and help spread awareness of Our World so together we can create a better world... We are also really in need of funding or investors so if you know of any please send them our way! :) It would be really appreciated.

So what will be your legacy?

Do you want to be in on the ground floor of the upcoming platform that will take the world by storm?

The platform that is going to win many rewards for the groundbreaking work it will do. Do you want to be a hero of your own life story?

Want to tell your kids and grandkids that you helped make it happen and go down in history as a hero?

What kind of world do you want to leave to the next generation?

Want to be part of something greater than yourself?

How can you do your part to create a better world?

This is HOW you do your part... Be the change you wish to see in the world...


In Hope,

The Our World Team.

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