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WORLD FIRST! Holochain Talking To Unity!

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that HoloNET (and therefore Holochain), HoloOASIS & OASIS API have all now been successfully integrated into Unity! :)

This is a world's first, we are the first to connect Holochain to Unity & .NET. This will massively help turbocharge the Holochain ecosystem by now opening up the massive .NET & Unity ecosystems/devs/resources to Holochain! :)

Very exciting times! :)

This is the beginning of the OASIS API/Karma/Avatar/Profile system... :)

Make sure you check out the GitHub page that has now been updated showing the full code for the screenshot above showing a real-world working example of how to use the HoloNET Holochain .NET Client:

Goto the HoloUnity section to find step by step instructions, full source code listings & technical documentation of the API.

This is a major milestone in our development of Our World & The OASIS API and something we have been working hard towards for a while now...

Now the real fun can begin...

Next steps, are to integrate Points of Interest & Chat into the 3D Map on our Our World Unity demo. The data for this will of course now be stored in Holochain thanks to the groundwork we have now laid and can build on top of.

This will form the beginning of our Google Maps/Google Earth replacement powered by a decentralised/distributed network (ONET) & Holochain.

That is only phase 1 for Our World, then the platform/ecosystem/app store/asset store/e-commerce/gamification of reality/social network come next...

We will also soon be implementing the Ethereum, IPFS & SOLID OASIS API Providers so we can demo how the OASIS API can be used to store/share/replicate your profile/data across any network/provider/system...

Once this is done we will continue to develop the Web API for the OASIS API. This is a .NET Core REST service that can be consumed by any system on any platform.

Finally, we then plan to create a Web UI for the OASIS API so you can view/manage the list of apps/games/websites that are consuming/using/connected to the OASIS API as well as manage the Providers that are storing/sharing/replicating your data.

You can even choose which parts of your data are visible/shared/stored on each platform/network/system so you can in effect store parts on one network/platform/system and store other parts on others. You can also set which of those parts are only shared or if they can be stored/replicated too.

This gives users FULL control and visibility over their data and can allow them to set up their own data redundancy across multiple networks/devices. It gives the power back to the user to manage and use their data how they see fit and allows them to manually set up their own data redundancy schemes. Of course there will be defaults and recommended schemes for non technical people but the UI will be very easy to use so even non techies should have no problem manually configuring all of the options themselves...

This enables everything to talk to everything else so there are no more walled gardens/silos. The OASIS API is the world's Universal API. This opens up Holochain to the rest of the world and helps get Holochain out there and provides a stepping stone to migrate over to Holochain. Read more about this on the GitHub page mentioned above.

Next there will be a desktop notification UI to view/control the same settings as well as also a interface provided in Unity within Our World to also do the same.

This is still only the beginning and foundations of what is yet to come... ;-)

Expect much more to follow...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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