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Our World Partners With Sacred Capital

Greetings Friends,

Thanks to our recent efforts with us deep networking within the Holochain community, which includes being very active within the new Holochain forum as well as various Telegram groups including the main Holo channel, the Hololchain Dev channel and various others we have been in deep and detailed discussions with other Holochain developers and groups.

Out of this we are currently in the process of finding ways we can collaborate and put our various pieces together... this has been a beautiful process and we are finding a lot of overlap. In some cases this saves us a lot of time not having to re-invent the wheel and instead can plug other developers Zomes (Holochain modules) into ours.

We are very happy with the new Holochain forum because it means we are now out of our silios and talking to each other more and we are becoming a lot more aware of what others are working on... thank you Holochain! :)

One of the groups we have been collaborating with is Sacred Capital who are developing a Reputation Interchange. This will allow companies to built in a reputation score into their apps and services. Reputations are already used such as Likes in Facebook or hearts in the new Holochain forum. Sacred Capital want to take this a lot further where peoples reputation can be staked across apps & services and even the whole economy. This overlaps a little with the new Chinese Social Credit Score where it effects what you can do in the real world and not just the digital world. But we need to be very careful with this because it could be used to control people and is not safe in the Governments hands as it is with China.

We have discussed this with the founder Siddharth Sthalekar on a recent call and they are well aware of these dangers and is why it works well in the distributed de-centralised peer to peer network of Holochain since there is no central authority that controls everything. But care must still be taken so competitors etc cannot leave false reputation scores to help boost their our business. People also should have the chance to redeem themselves if they get a poor score or even be able to appeal against one if they feel it was unjust. For this there would need to be a process around this such as a committee, etc.

With great power comes great responsibility...

But saying this, we feel it is the way forward and is also ties in with our vision of the Karma System that is used with the OASIS API & Our World where people can earn karma for doing good deeds and lose karma for bad ones. This applies not only within Our World itself but also with the various satellite apps/games that will plug into it such as earning karma for volunteering or gifting to charity for example. Another way could be by progressing through a self-help app such as mindfulness, wellbeing, etc. Their possibilities are endless...

Read more on our GitHub page on how the OASIS API & Karma System works.

What Sacred Capital are building will help power part of the Karma System, we will be working very closely with them to help steer the development so it fulfills our requirements of what we need it to do and where needed we will need to customise it to work with our architecture & systems.

Stay tuned for more news on this as well as future partnerships & collaborations...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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