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Greetings Friends,

Quick update folks, we are currently building out the OASIS API, which will connect everything to everything including holochain, all blockchains, activitypub, legasy networks, platforms, EVERYTHING.

Currently we are working on integrating Apollo Graph QL into the API because it will help create a unified API over all the providers.

Next we will finish implementing the SOLID, Blockstack & Ethereum providers, which have already been started.

Then we can start launching dApps, hApps, OApps that use the API, and will all connect to each other.

Next will be working on the Our World Smartphone prototype again with the 3D world allowing consumers of the API to use the 3D Map to show their businesses, quests and other items... more news on that soon...

We thought it was more important to work on the back-end infrastructure first before continuing with the UI front-end... over the past week we have been working on the Karma System, Provider Management & Profile Management of the OASIS API and is coming along very nicely... :)

Stay tuned for more updates soon...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Team.

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