Our World Are Proud To Announce We Are Currently Attending Holochain DevCamp 7

Greetings Friends,

It's a very busy time here with lot's of progress being made, which we will share soon...

We have a lot of news to announce, the first being that we are happy and proud to be attending our 3rd Holochain Dev Camp (Dev Camp #7).

As always we are really enjoying it and has been fun meeting new people as well as seeing old familiar friends... :) We really love the amazing holochain community... it is our home... so nice to find people on the same page as us who are techies in their hearts who want to leverage tech to make the world a better place, rather than the blind pursuit of profits at all costs...

As we have stated many times before, we are not in this for the money, but to make the world a better place so its nice to be with our people... :)

The DevCamp is going well and it is nice to see new and different people and presentations. Each time we go the material and presentations evolve and improve and the demo app we are building Leap (a Udemy hc clone) is also evolving and improving from the previous DevCamp...

Soon we will be making an official exciting announcement... but for now we can reveal we are in fact building our our version of Leap on our new .NET HDK/ODK (Holochain/OASIS Development Kit). Both the kit and the app are in very early stages but we are aiming to show an early preview or even altha before the end of Dev Camp. We want to show how much quicker and easier it is to build a hApp on top of our HDK/ODK... :)

We foresee that at the next DevCamp (#8) we may well in fact be demoing and teaching using our new HDK/ODK, well for at least one or two dedicated sessions...

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon...

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.

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