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Imagine playing a game more fun and immersive than Pokémon Go, Minecraft, World of Warcraft & Second Life, Sim City 3000, Settlers combined and then evolved 20 years? Imagine playing a benevolent game even more evolved than the OASIS VR Platform featured in the popular Ready Player One novel/film? The book has now been made into a blockbuster film by the legendary Stephen Spielberg. Everyone will be wanting to play the game that is featured in the movie, well Our World is that game. A game that is not only a lot of fun to play but also teaches you how to look after your wellbeing as well as looking after our beautiful planet. A game that changes the way we think and interact with each other and the world so together we can create a better world for all of us. One where we can come together and help each other for the greater good of all.


Imagine a world where there are no more wars, poverty or suffering.


Imagine a world where there is only peace, love & unity where we all co-exist living as one human race in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet.

This does not just have to be a dream; together we can create this world…

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Let us introduce you to Our World, the game that will change the world. As well as helping to make the world a better place, this game will be pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible with technology. It will feature augmented reality, virtual reality, motion detection, voice recognition and real-time emotional feedback. Plus a lot more! It will use technology in ways that has not been done before and in areas where it has been done; it will innovate and take it to the next level...

The software industry has a morale & social responsibility to use technology to help create a better world rather than lead to further decline. It has the power to transform lives through engaging people with innovative products that help them to grow and develop. Recent popular examples include health apps, mindfulness apps and mind training games.

We wish to take this to the next level and help make the world a better place by using technology for good, by bringing people together and to support, guide and educate everyone on how we can all live happier, fulfilling lives and at the same time how we can help save our planet.

We will do this by creating a suite of nextgen apps & games using the latest cutting-edge technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real-time emotional feedback, face/voice recognition, motion detection and so much more.

Our World is an exciting immersive next generation 3D XR/IR (Infinite Reality) educational game/platform/social network/ecosystem teaching people on how to look after themselves, each other and the planet using the latest cutting-edge technology. It teaches people the importance of real-life face to face connections with human beings and encourages them to get out into nature using Augmented Reality similar to Pokémon Go but on a much more evolved scale. This is our flagship product and is our top priority due to the massive positive impact it will make upon the world...

It is the XR/IR Gamification layer of the new interplanetary operating system & the new internet (Web 3.0), which is being built by the elite technical wizards stationed around the world. This will one day replace the current tech giants such as Google, FaceBook, etc and act as the technical layer of the New Earth, which is birthing now.  Unlike the current tech giants who's only aim is to ruthlessly maximize profits at the expense of people and the planet (as well as spying, exploitation, censorship & social engineering), our technology is based on true love & unity consciousness where money and profits are not our aim or intention, our aim and intention is to heal the entire planet & human race so we can all live in harmony with each other.  It is a 5th dimensional and ascension training platform, teaching people vital life lessons as well as acting as a real-time simulation of the real world.

As well as helping to make the world a better place, this game will be pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible with technology. It will feature augmented reality, virtual reality, motion detection, voice recognition and real-time emotional feedback. It will use technology in ways that has not been done before and in areas where it has been done, it will innovate and take it to the next level...

It is much more than just a free open world game where you can build and create anything you can imagine and at the same time be immersed in an epic storyline. it is an entirely new ecosystem/asset store/internet, it is the future way we will be interacting with each other and the world through the use of technology. Smaller satellite apps/game will plug into it and share your central profile/avatar where you gain karma for doing good deeds such as helping your local communities, etc and lose karma for being selfish and not helping others since it mirrors the real world where you have free will. The karma unlocks certain abilities, special powers & items you can purchase in the game as well as quests and new areas to explore.

Your karma level effects your real life too, for example you may be entitled to free upgrades at shows, flights, events, hotels, etc. You may also be entitled to special discounts in shops, etc and if you have enough karma you can get free holidays, etc too. The higher your karma the more society will reward you. The list is endless of what is possible. We envision that eventually this will be deeply  integrated into all of society. This reflects how the Universe actually works and is part of the real-time simulation aspect of Our World.

There is nothing else out there like this, nothing even comes close, this will change everything... There is a reason we are called NextGen Software! ;-)


We believe that the OASIS API & Karama System should be baked into the core of the new internet (Web 3.0) that we are co-creating and will allow Everything to talk to Everything else and will act as the worlds universal API/protocol. At the center of this is the central profile/avatar where the user's data will be stored. Part of this data will include the karma they have earnt in Our World as well as the karma they have earnt in any of the inter-connected satellite apps/games that use the OASIS API.

This will increase peoples awareness of the good or bad karma they are collecting and will help them become more conscious of their moment by moment actions. This will help them strive to become a better person and to reach their full potential doing as much good as they can in the world. This will help manifest a better world for us all that much faster, when everyone is doing all they can to help co-create it.

The OASIS API is a global universal API that aims to connect everything to everything to eliminate walled gardens/silos. There are a number of open protocols/platforms/networks (such as Gab, Mastodon, Diaspora, WebFinger, SOLID, Holochain, CEPTR Pluggable Protocol, Ethereum, Fediverse, ActivityPub, XMPP & more!) that the OASIS API will support. The majority of these are aimed at building a truly decentralised distributed internet (Web 3.0) and this is also the aim of the OASIS API.

The game teaches people true unity consciousness where everyone benefits if people put their differences aside and work together. Our World is also an ecosystem and a virtual e-commerce platform and so, so, so much more, it will create a whole new genre and blaze a new path for others to try and follow…

Our World has now merged with our NextGen Social Network project, which was always planned to be the prequel to Our World, so it made sense to simply merge them together.

Our World implements the Synergy Engine helping to solve the worlds problems by matching solutions to problems. It also teaches the co-creation wheel and a new holistic approach to living and technology to help co-create a better world. 

Our World teaches people the benefits of a Resource Based Economy (coined by Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project) where the world's resources are freely available to everyone and people exchange products and services without the need for money. For this to be achieved all resources must be declared as the common heritage of all Earth’s inhabitants. Equipped with the latest scientific and technological marvels mankind could reach extremely high productivity levels and create abundance of resources. This also prevents money being hoarded through greed and corruption and can no longer be used to control & divide people. A Resource Based Economy is actually fully integrated into Our World.

Our World is built on top of the de-centralised, distributed nextgen internet known as Holochain

Our World is like a XR/IR Unified Interface into all of these hApps (this is the Operating System part of it), it's a bit like the XR UI front-end to Holochain where you can view and launch any apps from inside it but they integrate much more deeper than that through the OASIS API/Profile/Avatar/Karma system where they all share the central avatar/profile and can all add/subtract the profiles/avatars karma.

Our World will be the first AAA MMO game and 2D/3D Social Network to run on HoloChain and the Blockchain (primarily the holochain, blockchain is just for DApp compatibility). It will also be the first to integrate a social network with a MMO game/platform as well as all of these technologies and devices together. As with the rest of the game, it will be leading the way in what can be done with this NextGen Technology for the benefit and upliftment of humanity.

Read more here: 

We will soon be launching our ICO to sell our OASIS Coin (OCOIN), more news on this soon...

The above screenshot is how the Smartphone version will look, which is similar to Pokemon Go, which will be a geo-location game featuring Augmented Reality but on a much more evolved scale.

The smartphone version will be a geolocation game featuring Augmented Reality similar to Pokemon Go but on a much more evolved scale (yes, we were designing this long before Pokemon Go came out!).

The console/desktop version will be similar to a Sandbox and MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) but will be nothing like any other games such as World Of WarCraft & MineCraft. It will in fact define its own genre setting the new bar for others to follow, this truly has never been done before and will take the world by storm! The one thing it will share with them is that it will be a massive open world that billions of players can explore and build together... 

Both versions will share the same online world/multiverse where users logged in through the smartphone versions will be able to interact with the console/desktop versions in real-time within a massive scale persistent Multiverse.

You can run around an open world completing quests in whatever order you choose but it will also contain an engrossing storyline about the final epic battle for Earth between the forces of darkness and the light. You will fight demons, zombies, monsters, killer robots controlled by a dark evil AI and more. The main difference to other games is that you will not fight fellow humans, instead you will unite together against the new common enemy that is threatening the very existence of mankind and the planet. You will be free to build your own homes, communities, base defences, vehicles & ships (or purchase or win) either using traditional means, nextgen technology or even magic. The same goes for combat, you can choose to use pure strength, skill and melee, technology or magic. You can be whoever you want to be. You can even choose not to fight and instead focus on supporting the economy, healing, R&D, construction, leadership, etc. The choice is yours...


As you proceed through the game you will discover that this dark evil AI has taken over the minds of many humans who are in positions of power & influence across the globe such as Governments, banking, corporations, educational institutions, pharmaceutical & the military and is using them as puppets for its evil plans for world domination. This secret society is known as The Dark Order. The dark AI (also known as The Beast) is manipulating humanity to create technology and robotic bodies for it to control to form its army of machines. It is also trying to get every human implanted with a chip so it can track and control them, this is known as the Mark Of The Beast. It is also trying to manipulate them to open a portal to other dimensions to bring forth its dark army in the final phase of its plan. It plans to exterminate 90% of the population and enslave the rest. Your mission along with the rest of mankind is to stop this before it is too late...

Read more on the story in the Open World/Multiverse/OASIS & Story section below.

Objects created (vehicles, building, etc) can be shared and even sold on the OASIS Asset Store. Objects created on other popular platforms such as Google Blocks and Microsoft's 3D Creator can also be imported and used in Our World.

As well as smaller apps/games being allowed to plug into Our World either sharing just the central avatar/profile (data) or full UI integration, content creators/businesses can also create shops (where people can purchase real items in VR that are then delivered to your door so in effect is virtual e-commerce), buildings or even entire zones/lands/worlds. They can rent virtual spaces within the game. Please contact us on if you wish to receive special early adopter discounts...

Businesses can also sponsor or advertise in the game but unlike traditional models, money does not buy you the best spots, the companies collective karma does. The greener & the more they do good for the world including giving to charities, looking after their employees, the environment, etc the more karma they get. Advertising spots will be limited since we do not wish to bombard users with adverts so this will be an incentive for companies worldwide to improve and start focusing on what is important, and that's people and the environment, not money. As may be clear by now, the focus and goals of Our World is to create a better world, not to make as much money as possible at the expense of the environment and people. But we of course will still make more than enough (billions) to continue to expand & grow, the rest will go to good causes and charities such as our sister company Yoga4Autism.

Our World is only the beginning... once we have learnt to resolve our problems and live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet then we will be ready to reach out and explore other worlds within our Universe & beyond...

We cannot try to run from our problems and escape to other worlds(virtual or real), we need to stay and heal Our World first...


Once we have done that then we can transform Our World into the OASIS, a paradise on Earth...


Our World is just the first world of an infinite number of worlds, stars, systems, galaxies & universes to explore...  


This multiverse is called The OASIS, which can only be reached through the OASIS we are co-creating on Our World.

The OASIS will only be open to us once we have resolved our issues here, humanity must prove they are worthy to join the Galactic Societies waiting for us out there... How can we meet, interact and get on with other races out there when we cannot even get on with each other here?


It is time to stop running from our problems and face them united together...

The game will also be teaching people especially kids important vital life lessons and show how they can then implement them in the real world. Part of the way this will be done is by merging the real world with Our World using the latest cutting edge technology such as Augmented Reality.

Our World reminds people how powerful they are and empowers them to be the person they have always wanted to be, to live their life to their FULL potential without any limitations. Everyone has a gift for the world and with Our World we can help them find it… We want to empower people to take responsibility for our beautiful planet, which is currently in crisis and so needs EVERYONE to help make a difference. The entire world is the Our World team, we want everyone to get involved so they can feel they are part of something greater than themselves and at the same time ensure there is a future for our kids and grandkids.

People learn at a young age how to act and behave and this shapes the future generations and the world they will create. Due to the majority of games these days involving violence, sex, gambling, drugs & crime, this is conditioning the youth of today to the sort of world they will create tomorrow. With the advent of Virtual Reality now making these violent games even more immersive and realistic where the boundaries between games and reality is shrinking by the day, it is imperative we take some social and moral responsibility and start using technology to help create a better world by improving people’s life’s as well as respecting the environment and planet that sustains us.

Kids today are playing very violent games such as Call Of Duty which are used as brainwashing techniques to desensitise us to violence and also act as a training and recruitment tool for the military (which they have now admitted). The same goes for flight simulators being used to train and recruit drone pilots.


We hope you will agree this is totally unacceptable and is part of why there is so much war, violence, etc in today’s world. It is time we start using technology to teach people the correct life lessons. Our World acts as a simulation for the real world and teaches them how to create a better world in the simulation and then shows how they can then implement these important lessons in real life. Read more on our previous blog post about violence in video games:

Gambling is being forced onto kids more and more in the form of loot boxes where real money is asked for to receive a random prize and now it's got so bad that money is actually needed to progress within the game. Everything seems to be geared around how much people can be exploited and how much money can be sucked out of them, this is even more wrong for kids. Read more on our previous post about this here.

We wish to reach the kids who are glued to their phones and consoles and never go outside, this game will encourage them to get out into parks and interact with people in fun creative ways face to face instead of through their phones.

We wish to bring people together, build online communities, encourage people to reach out and help strangers for the greater good of all. To encourage people to come and work together and to show how everyone benefits if they put their differences aside and start all rowing together. It will model the real world and also act as a simulation and training environment for how to make the real world a better place.

With over 5682 likes on our Facebook page (, which is growing daily, this very important project is being very well received and we constantly receive glowing feedback of how much of a wonderful good idea this is, one that is needed more than ever in today’s world!

We actually started researching, planning & designing this over six years (we have also been busy networking, building partnerships, etc) ago but we could not yet afford the large amount of money it would take to create this. On top of this, the technology did not yet exist to create the vision, but this is now changing. When Pokémon Go was released featuring more primitive versions of some of the technology featured in Our World, we realised we really need to get this game into production. 

This was further amplified when our founder just finished reading the amazing novel Ready Player One, which featured the OASIS VR Platform, which is the closest thing we have found to date to Our World except Our World is the evolved benevolent sister of the OASIS. The OASIS is about 40% of what Our World is to give you an idea of the sheer size and magnitude of this project! It is aimed at saving the world rather than leading to its destruction due to the neglect it faced when everyone escaped into the OASIS. Ready Player One has proven so popular that Spielberg & Warner Brothers have now released the blockbuster film, which we hope will help promote Our World further . Read more about this in this blog post.

In-Game Desktop/Console Version

The groundbreaking top rated Ready Player One novel is very close to the truth. It is about someone with Autism who creates a revolutionary 3D VR Platform which takes the world by storm because it is so far ahead of everything else out there. The creator of the 3D VR platform known as the OASIS grew up in the 80's, is obsessed with the 80's and had guitar lessons as a kid, which also describes our founder David Ellams. 


These are the Last Days of Mortal Man through this God Training Programme.

The self-reflective immersive XR/IR game that has been created as ascension technology to help the user to discover their higher self through learning important lessons in how to be, think and feel as a human being. Through “karma” each individual can build themselves to be a better version of themselves that on a sub conscious level will teach them how this can be applied in the real world. The game truly is a mirror for reality.

Some important points about its potential capabilities and why it could be truly unique:

·         Bio Scan technology - through mapping of brain waves, it can suggest activities and exercises that correlate to the analysis it receives teaching the user to be more mindful about health and wellbeing.

·         Life cycle - There will be time constraints on how long each player can be in Our World for. The vital energy will correlate with reality meaning they will not be burn themselves out locked in the game. Teaching the individual once again the important lessons of having a balanced lifestyle. The character, like the player needs to be looked after.

·         Virtual Advertising - Companies can use the advertising and be awarded prime spots based on their own karma value meaning that those that act more responsibly and consciously will have access to the most prime spots, as opposed to those who pay the most.

·         Time Bending Treasures - Messages and gifts can be buried as Easter eggs for others to collect at later dates bending the nature of time.


Version 1: Smartphone Platform (in development) - The AR version - Map of present day - In correlation with Time.  - IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. We hope to have an early prototype of this around 2021 Q1/Q2 with more evolved prototypes being released throughout the year. Depending on how many resources/devs we can attract we hope to have a first altha release by 2021, possibly 2022.

Version 2: Desktop/Console Platforms - The VR Version - Game version that starts in Past with a true history of Earth. Not Time Correlated. We hope work on this can begin by 2021 (if additional funds/resources can be secured by then) and will be done in parallel with the Smartphone version. Remember these are not separate products, and fully integrate with each other where players share the same immersive persistent real-time open world.

Version 3: - The XR/IR Version (The OASIS ) - The XR version that becomes the immersive, self reflective reality that combines both aspects of console and smartphone versions. We hope we will secure MASSIVE funds by 2021/2022 latest so this can begin dev around that time, this is Ready Player One OASIS time with life like graphics and things you can only begin to imagine right now! ;-)

We are looking for any other developers, designers, 3D modellers and anyone else who wish to get involved so please get in touch if this is YOU...

We need your investment so we can continue development of the cutting-edge prototype we have been working on for the last couple of years.


In-Game Desktop/Console Version

This is the first Unity game to be powered by the revolutionary decentralised distributed network called Holochain. This means that your profile and data is stored locally on your device giving you back control of your own data.


See screenshots here: 

Read about the latest progress of the prototype below: 

We can then demo this to interested parties so we can get more investment to get the first version of this game released. This game will have continuous development with frequent upgrades and add-ons. It is so vast, that the development roadmap is never ending.

We need your investment so we can build a second more advanced prototype to demo to interested parties. We can then get more investment to get the first version of this game released. 


We have been having discussions with Be Earth, which is a UN IGO (United Nations Intergovernmental Organisation). Read more about this in this post:


We have also partnered with who also make benevolent apps & games. We are working on a joint VR game called The Hero's Journey, which parts of will also be integrated into Our World.

We have also partnered with Noomap/S7 Foundation & HoloChain who along with us are helping to co-create the nextgen Internet & ecosystem.

Our World is Buckminster Fuller's World Peace Game, please read more here:

We are hiring people in all departments, and are always open to any ideas anyone has since it is a game by the community for the community. I want to empower people to take reasonability for the world we live in and to help be part of the solution, not the problem. The entire world is the Our World team.

In-Game Desktop/Console Version

An exert from the above article states:


“VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are exciting – Google Glass coming and going, Facebook’s $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, not to mention Microsoft’s delightful HoloLens. There are amazing early stage platforms and apps, but VR/AR in 2015 feels a bit like the smartphone market before the iPhone. We’re waiting for someone to say “One more thing…” in a way that has everyone thinking “so that’s where the market’s going!”


Well, we are what everyone has been waiting for, to take this technology to the next level, hence our name!


Pokémon Go has already started to lose users as we predicted due to not being nowhere near immersive enough so to keep users engaged in the game. Our World is set to be one of the most immersive games ever made so it will not suffer from this problem.

We will also be building NextGen Hardware that not only doesn't harm you like exiting devices do, they will actually heal/energise you and will never need charging! Read more below:

Our NextGen Offices that we plan to build one day will be deeply integrated with nature so streams, trees, etc will be inside a bit like Center Parcs in UK. They will also be built to Sacred Geometry specifications so they are actually healing to work inside one. They will also contain healing crystals & orgonite so it actually heals and energizes you while you work...  They are also similar to the ones the Venus Project intend to build. Read more below:

According to the latest research the VR/AR Market is set for VERY explosive growth with estimates of $674bn by 2025. The mobile app industry has been growing exponentially for a number of years now and is set to continue to accelerate. The mobile app market was valued last year at over 27 billion dollars and is set to reach 77 billion this year.

So make sure you get in on the ground floor of the next Apple, which will be the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime!

Please make sure you LIKE our FaceBook page and share far and wide with everyone you know, to help make this dream a reality. Thank you. 

Don't forget to check the blog often to stay up to date on the latest exciting news and progress. 

So what will be your legacy?


Do you want to be in on the ground floor of the upcoming platform that will take the world by storm?


The platform that is going to win many rewards for the groundbreaking work it will do. Do you want to be a hero of your own life story?


Want to tell your kids and grandkids that you helped make it happen and go down in history as a hero?


What kind of world do you want to leave to the next generation?


Want to be part of something greater than yourself?  


How can you do your part to create a better world? 


This is HOW you do your part...

Be the change you wish to see in the world...


We would really appreciate funding to our crowd funding campaign, even if it's just a pound, every little helps. Thank you.

Our World is dedicated to the founders Greatest Creation, his beloved and cherished daughter April. He wants to create a better world for her to grow up in than he did, and to leave Our World and the rest of his creations and global enterprises to her as his legacy. He loves her more than life itself...

In-Game Desktop/Console Version

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